Love the little things #20 & WIN

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:19 pm

It’s Friday!!!! I have been so excited for the weekend, this week. Even though the social calendar is packed full, I saw the gorgeous forecast and our garden is finally finished!!!! Clap, clap, clap!!! All I want to do is sit in it and enjoy my handy work. But until then, here is some of the little things I love this week. 


My head has been in a ton of various books, magazines, and blogs this week, from the Vintage Tea Party Year, a definite must read book, to the Simple Things magazine which is full of creativity, onto my favorite blogs at the moment. 

readingteatime  IMG_8024

But the one thing that really got my attention and actually took my breathe away was this comment I received this week on one of my posts. It has made my whole year!!! I can’t believe anyone knows my name! Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 21.49.08


It was my turn to put Missy Moo to bed and Mr P to put Buba to bed, the other night. We take turns so that we each parent gets quality time spent with each child. I yelled out from Missy Moo’s bedroom, “Good night Buba, I love you!” as his little feet ran down the hall, he called back, “I love you too, Mommy!” It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard him shout! He has never unpromptly said it and it completely melted my heart. 


It is no secret I am obsessed with scarves, so I was in awe watching this and getting more ideas of how to strut my obsessions! 


I made this yummy chilli this week, so hearty and delicious but most of all I can’t ever get enough of chilli when there is cornbread to go with it. Cornbread recipe is coming next week… but for now…click below for the Chilli recipe. It was a big hit with the whole family even the kids!



Missy Moo’s spring/summer headband wardrobe is stocked and ready to go for our upcoming trip to America. We have been testing out various outfits to match all week! She is catwalk ready! hahaha


And lastly…

I am very, very excited to offer TWO of my readers each a copy of MY BOOK!!! Get your entries in below!  

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19 thoughts on “Love the little things #20 & WIN”

  1. I adore MM’s headbands – so sweet! She is the most stylish baby ever 🙂 Your chilli looks incredible too pet – Mr M is the chilli king in our house, it’s our favourite comfort-food dinner! What a sweet comment on your blog post – so true though chicky, you deserve every success xx

    • Ours too, can’t beat chilli but you must have it with cornbread the best!!! yum yum. I am dying to try Morgana’s version too! Sweet potato style! Yummy She is very lucky with the headbands. I fear she will hate being the girlie girl I am making her out to be hahaha OOOPS. Thank you so much. I couldn’t believe someone mentioned me at Blogtacular. Very honored.

    • Ahhh thanks hun. Thanks for hosting too. Hope you get your entries in to win my book too! lol Maybe one day it will be on your I read list!!! 🙂 Signed copy calling hahahahaha Looking forward to June 7th!!!

    • I know I am always learning something on youtube. It has taught me almot everything I know. hahah Even how to wear hair and makeup! I suck at those too. Newbie at everything.

    • Thank you I am really working hard to learn to be more creative and stylish with them as my old ones were getting boring and my angles and light were crappy. I have so much to still learn. Thank you though. Happy Friday too enjoy your weekend.

  2. You *are* one to watch Jenny – don’t be so surprised! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to say that I’m loving your American style recipes – like the sloppy Joes last week (I think that’s what it was called!) and then the mention of cornbread just takes me back to my year abroad in Texas when I was at University! I would love to see some gumbo or some Southern soul food but I know you’re from the West not the South! It looks like Missy Moo will take after her mommy – her with her headband collection and you with your scarves! X

    • Awww thank you so much Sam that’s so sweet. That’s for being so supportive too! Glad you like my recipes too. I have a few more American ones coming. I lived far north in America so haven’t had much southern cooking experience but might be able to ask my brother who lives down south in Atlanta to share a few with me!! 🙂

  3. That is so awesome that somebody recognized you by name besides somebody from home! You are making a name for yourself and you didn’t even realize it!! You go girl!!! I feel so honored that I actually do know you from way back! Those little moments when our kids say unexpected things are just so amazing! Gotta love the melt your heart moments!

    • Thank you so much Artiesa. That means a lot that you say that. Don’t worry I will never forget all my first supporters of friends and family back home. It was definitely a melt your heart moment indeed!!!

  4. What a fab set of little loves this week Jenny, and what a wonderful comment to receive. Like the others have said, so well deserved.
    Your photos are gorgeous, I was out shopping this week and spotted your little tea pot. The first thing that popped into my head was “ooh, Jenny’s got that. And she’s got the fish plate too!” Made me have a little chuckle to myself in the aisle.
    Those magazines look great, might treat myself to one later today. Have a wonderful week xxx

    • hahah Thank you Tesco!!! I had a ton of tesco club vouchers to use so thought why not? But I should stick to charity shops so that people won’t be spotting all my props everywhere hahahaha that is hilarious. Magazines are great and a recommend by Lucy. She has been great help. Enjoy your sunny weekend!!!

  5. I like thrillers where you cannot put the book down. I am reading John Grisham’s Sycamore Row at the moment.


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