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Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:13 pm

It’s no secret how much I love trying different styles and sharing my day to day outfits on my instagram feed. I am not the trendiest momma out there by far but I like a good bargain and a new trend. I love change and that includes changing up my wardrobe for each season. It’s been absolutely freezing lately and I am in full winter wardrobe mode. This year my winter style has changed slightly from tall boots to ankle boots and big scarves to big necklaces. While things remain the same from winter to winter like jackets and scarves, I love putting different patterns and colors together. 

This year I am all about the statement necklaces, big curly hair, jackets and sweaters with skinny jeans and ankle boots galore. This seems to be my go to look for the school run, coffee meet ups, work attire, and weekend run arounds with the kids. It can be dressed up or down which is my kind of style. Here are a few winter wardrobe styles I have been rocking these past few weeks. What do you think?

My winter wardrobe style with Lyst

I have been recently introduced to Lyst. Haven’t heard of it? Well, I hadn’t either but, oh my goodness, if you are like me and get frustrated because your favorite two stores always have the same items in each season and want to mix it up but keep with the kind of clothes you love, Lyst is for you too. It’s an online website you sign up to for free, create a profile by answer questions of the type of brands and clothes you normally like to purchase. It puts it all together for you and you get to search through all the clothes you love. It’s like weeding out all those clothes online you would never wear, buy or waste time looking at. You than can either buy or save it to one of your “lyst” options for later. Best part is you get notified if your items on your lyst go on sale! Now that’s my kind of shopping network. I can save all my favorites and wait until they go on sale. It’s like someone is doing the research and shopping for you.  I get lost in it for hours now especially on the mobile app. 

If you know me, I would never rave about something I wasn’t truly in love with. I love when something can save me time and money at the same time finding things I love for me. It’s time consuming to keep checking websites to see if things I am lusting after are on sale yet or not. While a lot of the items are high designer brands they have a whole catalog of clothing that’s up to 70% off already listed for you, just check their sale section. They have brands like Asos, Topshop, Miss Selfridges so don’t be discouraged when you first see Gucci and Prada listed. But oh ladies when you see a Gucci handbag 70% off it just might be worth the pennies for it.  I was blown away. Some of the items I have recently bought myself full price in the shop and I see them more than half off on here. Talk about buyer’s remorse there.

It only took me a second to put together these amazing winter must-haves and almost every item below is 50-70% off so of course I had to buy them, watch out instagram here I come. I have already added numerous items to my Wish Lyst Wardrobe. There are four categories you can add your favorite items to: Gift Lyst, Gifts for Me, Party Planning, and Wish Lyst Wardrobe or even make your own category. You have to check it out.  I love grey skinny jeans and ponchos for winter time. It’s such a classic staple along with my love for blazers, of course. Black or stripes are always winners for winter blazers. I am loving this navy & grey stripe ponte jacket from Oasis below and it’s in the sale. 


Why lyst it? Well see for yourself below…Lyst online shopping network

What do you think of my winter wardrobe style? What do you like to wear when the temperatures drop to keep you warm but stylish? Have you heard of Lyst before? 

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25 thoughts on “My Winter Wardrobe Style”

  1. I love your style, ankle boots and jeans are my go to outfit for many occasions. I have not seen Lyst before but will check it out to see if they have a plus sized option. #Sharewithme

  2. Jenny you rock – I don’t know many mums that look that stylish. And I love that your daughter has crept into one of the photos above – so sweet.

  3. What a great site! I have seen individual shops that have a personal shopper function on their website but this is much more useful. Your style is fab too! x

  4. You have a gorgeous style lady! I love your ‘uniform’, it’s comfy, smart and stylish! I’ve not used Lyst before but I’m going to check it out! #sharewithme

  5. I have not heard of Lyst before but reading your post made me interested to pay it a visit. Your winter outfit looks cool and stylish… I love grey jeans too because it goes well with a lot of different colors. Lovely post! #sharewithme

  6. I hadn’t heard of Lyst before but it sounds like such a great site. Way to make online shopping even more efficient. As a busy mom, this is my kind of service! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Jenny! I’ll have to check it out soon 🙂

  7. This looks like a really useful app! I can shop for hours online now that I rarely make it into town for ‘real’ shopping anymore. I had a big spree on Boxing Day at the online sales and was thrilled with everything I chose, so definitely intending to do more online shopping. Love your outfits, so cool that you have a personal style you can mix up with endless variations.

  8. Never heard of Lyst – sounds great. I love ankle boots. I do like tall boots, but I’m very tall and it is hard to find ones that come to the right height on my legs, so I tend to wear ankle boots. #sharewithme

    • I hadn’t either but loving it now. Especially not having to watch for sales they email you your favorite items when they go on sale. Bonus. I have the complete opposite problem with tall boots I am so short that I can’t find ones that go to the right height on my legs either. Ankle boots are always a winner.

  9. Ah you really are a trendy Mum! I would love to look like that on the school run. Some great tips here though so I can spruce myself up a bit! Thank you

    • Thanks Ruth you are so kind and lovely to say that. I bet you look fabulous. It’s really all about basics with a bling focal point be it a necklace, boots or nice jacket over tshirt and jeans.


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