Our family travel plans for 2016

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It’s the end of the year and while we are gearing up to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, it’s also the time we always sit down to plan our family travel plans for the year ahead. It’s something we have done for years. This way we always know what dates we need to book, and what budget we need to make to start the year off on the right track. 

I love this little travel tradition we do each December. The first thing we do is set out dates and times for our travel plans to see family. After all family comes first right? Every summer we go to my parents on the West Coast of America for the entire summer. This is also the first trip we plan as it is a big trip, we have found it saves us money if we book before the end of the year for the next summer. 

Our family travel plans for 2016 Konfidence

We both get our laptops out next to each other and search places we want to go as a family of four. We research where is best to go for weather, little ones activities and fun in the sun. Now that B is in school we are subject to school holidays. This is going to be our first year where we will have to research hard, get creative and probably go less places because in school holidays the prices seem to sky rocket. We would love to go somewhere warm and nice for the Easter school holidays if we plan it right. It’s about being prepared and patience for the right price too. 

We have close friends in France and Spain that we go stay with that both have kids our kids’ ages. It’s usually a long bank holiday weekend that we go visit our friends. It’s always a good catch up as much as it is for a mini break away for the kids. Since we stay with friends it usually doesn’t cost very much for these mini breaks away and it really just recharges our batteries when we come back to routines and work.

Mr P and I usually have one trip with our friends, individually. This only started really since we had kids and is usually a little weekend away. Last year, he did a golf trip the East Coast of America and I went to Las Vegas while I was at my parents with my besties for a birthday celebrations. I haven’t decided what I will do for a bit of “me” time this coming year. I like to make a list and scope out a few friends to join me and then set my budget early January. It’s all about being organized and having your plans all written out so that prices and money don’t put a damper on your travel plans.

Our family travel plans for 2016 Konfidence

This seems to be our little yearly routine of travel the last few years. It’s funny how having kids and starting school kind of molds you into these routines trips away at the same time each year. But there are so many place I would love to see, experience with the kids too. It’s hard to give up seeing any family and friends to just take trips with the four of us. 

We long for an indulgent planet cruise, or a long trip to places like Rhodes, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Disney World, Florida and returning one day to Cancun, Mexico where we met with the kids in tow this time. We have our whole lives to see the world and plan it out. These places only become better sounding the older the kids get so it will be a few years but we will get there. Either way, we love our end of the year tradition of planning our travels for the coming year and budgeting it accordingly to make the year full of things to look forward too. 

Our family travel plans for 2016 Konfidence

Are you a last minute “booking a holiday” kind of family? Or do you plan way ahead like we do? How do you budget for your holidays? 


7 thoughts on “Our family travel plans for 2016”

  1. I like to be organised and also to have plans to look forward to. Trying to work out where we want to go for our summer holiday next year – just not sure what the best/easiest option will be for two young boys and a newborn. Want to make the most of family time, fun things for the boys to do, but nothing too tiring for me!

  2. Jenny, I love this! You’re so organised! And I am the absolute opposite ;-/ I keep telling myself I will become more organised with holidays every year but then every single time we end up leaving it right until the last minute! You’re so right though, if we don’t arrange things, create special times, finalise holiday plans, life can go by in the blink of any eye! Thank you for inspiring me to sit down and plan. x

    P.S Your holiday ideas all sound wonderful!

    • Oh thank you so much darling that means alot. I am the biggest ocd about planning out our year and where, what, when and making our budget work for the things we want to celebrate and share in life. I always think people say that can’t do this or that or afford a holiday but if you plan well in advance research prices and make your budget its’ do able. I love showing the world to the kids as much as possible. Even if it’s center parcs down the road for some good old woodland education and fresh air. We love it. Happy travel planning.

  3. I am the same as you. We don’t have a restriction of how many times we can go away but either way the other person gets the same amount of days to go away without the kids. I am off to NYC in March for 5 days. In return he can do something for those 5 days anytime during the year. We will be busy planning the last bits of our wedding though. So we are planning to go on holidays in August. This will be our first ever summer holiday abroad.

    • Oh sounds delightful. I think if you plan ahead you can go and do anything you put your mind to. I love the balance of going away together and us individually too. Enjoy your 2016 travels lovely.

  4. Love this post Jenny. I am a huge organiser of holidays and I am already researching places for a little break away NEXT Christmas. Its fab to have things to look forward to and we have 2 breaks booked already for next year. Centerparcs in January for mine and my daughters birthday, and Ikos Olivia in Greece in April. I totally agree that you have to plan ahead and you seem to get the best deals when you book earlier. I booked Easyjet flights for Greece back in September for next April. £325 for all 4 of us return. I didn’t realise you met in Cancun. We went there on honeymoon. Can’t wait to hear all about your travel plans for 2016 xx


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