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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:29 am

It’s Sunday night and as I look over the last week I can’t help but think how slow this week went for us. We have had two toddlers vomiting non-stop and sadly this time one after another instead of at the same time. It’s always easier when they do it together. When we thought we escaped the clean ups, the sofa lounging, and the sick bowls put away, the other started. I have been impatience and exhausted towards the end of the weekend. I never thought I would actually look forward to Monday so much with routines and getting back to it all. I have work piled up, chores piled up and I am hoping I get a really good night sleep tonight to be prepared for it all. 

My lovely little instagram community continues to grow and it’s what gets me through weeks like this week, pouring over all your amazing zoomed in captures. Each one of you inspire me, motivate me, or make me smile with your photos and I think that’s why I truly love instagram so much. While we usually have a love/hate relationship on my own instagram photos, it’s mostly love for other’s feeds. This week seems to have others enjoying the slow week, the little moments of a hot chocolate, notebooks to get organized, or making those loveable kiddos smile too. I love concentrating on the zoomed in details of life’s greatest moments. The ones we forget so easily or pass by without pause. This is why I created this community in the first place. I hope you will join me in loving these great ig feeds below from this week’s #lifecloseup favorite roundup. 

MY FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS THIS WEEK ON #LIFECLOSEUP:slow and up close #lifecloseup an instagram community

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I will admit sometimes I look at a photo over and over just admiring it’s beauty, style, setup and capture. I can appreciate the photography as much as I can the actual detail in the photo. I have been getting a little discouraged with my own captures lately, and lazy by not taking my big camera out anymore. I want to get back into good happens of not rushing around and bring my big camera out to capture these beautiful moments more clearly. Since the little ones were so ill we didn’t get to play as much and run around together so most of it was pjs and sick buckets behind the scenes. I still managed to share a few little captures of things that made me smile this week. 

MY FAVORITE CAPTURES THIS WEEK FOR #LIFECLOSEUP:slow and up close #lifecloseup an instagram community

“Won’t you come join me in sharing your zoomed in life moments on Instagram?”

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