Small Kids Bedroom Ideas | 7 Ways to Maximize Your Child’s Space

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 05:43 pm

Searching high and low for smack kids’ bedroom ideas? We’ve got you covered! We will outline some amazing tips to transform a kid’s bedroom into an optimal play, homework, and sleep space.

Here are 7 techniques to convert a small space into a dream room. 

Look for Beds With Unique Designs Kids Will Love

Beds come in all shapes and sizes, increasing the difficulty of choosing the perfect bed for a kid’s bedroom. You want a bed that exploits the space around it. So here are our recommendations. 

A space saving bed that looks luxurious at an affordable price

So you have a picky daughter who insists on a princess bed with unicorns and stars? Finding such a bed is hard, but not all girl’s beds with unique designs require a mortgage to purchase. 

Take advantage of built-in bed cupboards with a cabin bed

A cabin bed is a favorite among children. Storage experts across America recommend these beds for durability, design, and beauty. The bed has deep drawers and often includes overhead shelves. You’ll never find another headless doll – at least not on the floor. 

The Treehouse mid-sleeper is a space-saving bed your child will adore

A raised treehouse sleeper bed functions like an in-room treehouse and utilizes vertical space. The bed is raised on four posts. Beneath it, you have space for toy chests, a desk, or additional space for mounting stylish lighting fixtures. 

Add throw pillows on the bed, enclosed with a treehouse-style design. It’s an excellent way to use every square foot in your child’s bedroom. 

Plus, you can give them some games, and they’ll spend an afternoon in the treehouse bed. You can relax and not worry about tripping over toys in the living room. 

Say Goodbye to Clutter With Strategically Placed Curtains

Bedrooms scattered with toys are half the battle you likely face daily. Another real issue is dealing with clutter. A great bedroom design idea is to use curtains to hide clutter and increase floor space. 

Some call this a hack, but we think it’s a lifesaver. It’s perfect for busy patrons who hardly have time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Installation is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes with the right tools. 

Cause what parent has four hours to build a new wardrobe to create extra space? 

Foster a Love for Reading While Saving Space With Window Seats

Got a huge window and a kid who hates reading? Here’s a bedroom design idea that increases storage and gives your child a reason to read. 

Build a wooden seat in front of the window. Ensure the seat is raised and build cubbies. Slap some paint and pillows on it. 


You’ve just doubled your kid’s bedroom storage space and given them a reading space they’ll love. 

Give the Walls and Doors Some Tlc

Making the most of bedroom space means thinking outside of the box. Put your thinking cap on because you’ll love these tips for using wall space. 

Door hooks that hide mess and use up space 

Did you know you can use the space behind your child’s bedroom door for storage? Most people never think about this, but you can do loads with the space behind a door. 

Install hanging door hooks. They require no assembly or tools. When you close the door, they disappear faster than new socks. 

Use this space for backpacks, coats, or hanging bookshelves. If you choose hanging cubbies, keep the cat out of the room. They’ll hide in the cubbies. The hook can fall off, damaging your door along the way. 

Above the bed pegs to use space that seems useless

Not vibing with door hooks? Hope’s not lost. Try using peg rails above your child’s bed. You can convert blank space into backpacks, coats, and keys storage.

You can enhance the pegs by adding a board above you if you’re crafty. Place two sports at each end of the board. You’ve just created a bookshelf over the hanging space you created by adding the bed pegs. 

Increase the Floor Size

Confused? We don’t mean you should physically extend the floor of your child’s bedroom. You can increase the perceived size of your kid’s bedroom by choosing the right flooring. Most people put carpet in a kid’s room, but why? 

Kids make messes and ruin the carpet. They also make the room look tiny. Choose hardwood flooring to make a room look bigger. 

Hardwood or linoleum flooring that mirrors the color of the walls makes the room look bigger. Compared to carpets, you can increase the room’s perceived size by two. 

How will you maximize your child’s bedroom space?

We’ve shared seven creative ways to get the most out of the floor space you pay for. 

Which do you think are musts and busts? Enjoy the tips and get started redesigning your kid’s bedroom today. 

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