Tops tips for a memorable kids’ birthday party

Last updated on July 6th, 2024 at 01:22 pm

Planning a kids’ birthday party can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! With some fun theme ideas and decor tips, you can throw a party that kids will be talking about for weeks.

Pick a Theme They’ll Love

Choosing a fun theme is one of the first things to do when prepping for the big day. Think about what the birthday kid is into, like their favorite TV show, movie, book, or hobby. Some popular themes that go over well are pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, outer space, and under the sea. Match balloons, tableware, banners, and other decorations to your chosen theme.

Balloon Decor

Balloons are a must for any kids’ party. You can inflate balloons on-site or purchase balloons filled with air or helium. For transportation, it is most convenient to use unique bags for balloons Drape balloons from doorways, string them along walls, or cluster balloons in the middle of tables. Place balloons around the house to instantly transform the space.

Creative Table Settings

Set each table according to your theme with festive tablecloths, centerpieces, placemats, plates, and napkins. Use themed plastic tableware like pirate ships or princess wands. Tie balloons to chairs and scatter confetti for a festive touch. Name each table after something related to the theme.

Fun Photo Backdrop

Create a picture-perfect photo spot with a large backdrop related to the theme. Use a sheet, tarp, or roll of butcher paper. Paint, draw, or tape decorations like underwater creatures for an under-the-sea party. Set up props like pirate hats and swords for kids to pose with.

Awesome Activities

In addition to eating cake and opening presents, plan games and activities to keep kids entertained. Classic party games like musical chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey never go out of style. 

Give Fun Favors

When the party’s over, send kids home with fun favors that match the theme. Favor ideas include coloring books, stickers, temporary tattoos, candy, bubbles, and small toys. Put the blessings in bags or containers with the theme, like pirate treasure chests or princess jewelry boxes. Add an extra thoughtful touch by including a personalized thank you note.

Bake an Epic Cake

A birthday cake is a vital part of any party. Choose a bakery that can make a custom cake decorated to look like almost anything. Go for a shape that fits the theme, like a princess castle or pirate ship. Please keep it simple with frosting and sprinkles, or go all out with fondant shapes and figures on top. Show off cupcakes creatively, stacked to look like a rocket ship blastoff.

Delicious Drinks

Offer party drinks beyond juice boxes and water bottles. Set up a hot cocoa bar with flavored syrups and whipped cream during colder months. For summer parties, serve lemonade in flavors like strawberry, watermelon, or coconut; float fruit slices or paper umbrellas on top.

Make Fun-Themed Foods

Serve up kid-friendly foods that match the party theme. Make star-shaped sandwiches, fishy crackers, and fruit cut into whale shapes for an under-the-sea bash. At a royal princess party, serve pretty foods like tower cupcakes, heart or castle-shaped pizza, fruit kabobs, and fairy bread with sparkly edible glitter.

Pick a Fun Playlist

Set the mood with upbeat, high-energy music to keep all the kids dancing and grooving. Make a playlist with current pop hits and classic kids’ tunes for the party. Pick songs that fit the theme, like pirate sea shanties for a swashbuckler bash or under-the-sea jams from The Little Mermaid for an underwater adventure.

Welcome Guests in Style

Greet guests with fun signs featuring the birthday kid’s name and age. As they arrive, stand at the entrance and point people toward food, activities, and gift tables. For extra fun, dress up to match the theme and play along. Hand out props like pirate hats or fairy wands.

Party Prep Timeline

Here’s a sample timeline for getting ready the week before the big day:

● Two weeks before Email digital invites

● One week before: Buy decorations and supplies

● Two days before: Plan activities and games

● One day before Order/bake cake, make favors, decorate

● Day of: Set up food, fun, photo booth, music

With strategic planning and fun decorations, you can throw a fantastic party kids will remember for years. Use these creative ideas to pick a theme, decorate, plan activities, and make it personal for the birthday kid.

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