Styling the Seasons: June

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:29 am

PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

We are half way through June and summer is here. This month, Styling the Seasons for me has been decorating my garden and patios. I love bringing color and design into my yard when the sun starts to shine. I also have been teaming up with PintyPlus Chalk Paint Spray to see just how easy it is to transform things around the house with chalk paint. I have been wanting to revamp my flower pots before planting new flowers this year in them. I was also curious to see how chalk paint spray would handle outdoor weather conditions. 

So I decided to paint some stone flower pots turquoise and yellow to pop some color around our patios. Right away, I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was to spray chalk paint on these two pots. They are very large and I was worried it would take way more than two cans each to cover each pot. When I say this project only took two minutes I am not even kidding. It didn’t even take half a can for each pot which means I have plenty left over to make a few more pots around the garden to match. PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

How to use PintyPlus Chalk Paint Spray:

Apply to any of the following:

  • wood
  • melamine
  • canvas
  • metal
  • plastic
  • cardboard 
  • glass
  • Polystyrene 

Coverage: 400ml = 2 m2

Drying: surface 20 minutes, a total of 1 hour.

Repainted: with the same paint after 1 hour or a different paint after 24 hours.

PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

I went for yellow flowers in the turqoise pot and red flowers in the yellow pop to add more mix match color tones. I can’t wait to paint two more of each color for the other side of our patio. The colors look really nice together and really do shine in the light. It just feels better sitting out on our patio surrounded by colors and flowers. Most of our garden is shrubs so there isn’t a lot of flowering going on yet. PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

I have left them outside for the past week to see how they would handle the weather before writing this post up so I could share with you just how they handled what was thrown at them. In the past week, can’t beat English weather it’s been freezing cold, raining, storming, windy and then sunny again. No matter what the weather was I haven’t noticed one ounce of fading, chipping, or color coming off. I was really impressed with the quality and durability of it. I half expected there to be two puddles of yellow and blue when I woke up in the morning. PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

Now that my flowers are planted and color has been added to the garden to brighten it up. I am on the look out for some amazing turqouise and yellow cushions to match and maybe even a picnic set to eat outside alfresco. I think color really transforms a small space especially one full of wood and grass. I can just envision little accent pillows and colorful plats on this patio table here to pull it all together. If you have seen any comment below. 

PintyPlus Chalk Spray Paint Styling the Seasons

With 18 different colors to choose from you can really make your garden all the colors of the rainbow! What color would you add to your garden? Why not mix a few together and get some small and large pots to add some dimensions to your flowers too. Let Chalk Paint Spray transform your garden this summer. 

Novasol PintyPlus Chalk Paint Spray

This year I am joining in with Katy from Apartment Apothecaryfollow and Charlotte from Lotts and Lotsfollow in a monthly blogging series called “Styling the Seasons”. Come join us in sharing lovely styled corners of your home and be inspired by some beautiful images using #stylingtheseasons on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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8 thoughts on “Styling the Seasons: June”

    • Thanks Katy, I was very excited to get some color in the garden. I know it really wasn’t styling the seasons indoors but patios count right? hahaha Loving how easy and quick the chalk paint sprays on and dries instantly.

    • Thanks Donna I am loving the chalk paint in a spray. It’s so easy to use and I find myself going around my house looking for things to paint. hahaha

  1. These pots look so fab! Just found out you are no longer hosting Share With Me! A shame as you were always my favourite hostess but glad the linky is still alive 🙂 hope you have a lovely weekend! X

    • Thanks lovely. Yes I know it was a very hard decision one I regret sadly but I just didn’t have the hours to put into commenting and sharing like I wanted anymore. It’s been so quiet on LTM now that SWM is gone. But I didn’t want it to stop with me I wanted it to go on with someone that would love it as much as I did. I hope you will link up with Charlotte over at Mummy Fever for it too. She is amazing. Good to see you here too though. Thanks for stopping by.

    • I loved the blue and yellow together. Thanks lovely. I am already scoping out what I should paint next. Although I am half tempted to do my daughter’s wardrobe…. I know go large or go home hahaha


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