What kind of occasions should you buy wreaths for?

Last updated on June 8th, 2024 at 10:22 am

Wreaths can provide a great form of decoration for all sorts of events. From Christmas to funerals, there are a wide range of different wreaths available that are specifically designed to evoke a certain mood.

If you’re currently unsure as to whether the event you’re planning for could benefit from a wreath, you’re in the right place – continue for a brief rundown on the kinds of occasions you should consider buying a wreath for.

Buy a wreath for all occasions and hang it on a white wall.


Of course, the classic occasion to buy wreaths is Christmas. You can hang them on your door, place them in your windows, or have them placed around the house to help get you into the Christmas spirit. Christmas wreaths from sites such as wreaths.co.uk will tend to have seasonal elements and colours (dark green and red), to differentiate them from other kinds of celebratory wreaths.


Wreaths are also often used to commemorate a person or event. You’ll likely have seen wreaths made from poppies in November, when they’re used to commemorate all those who have sacrificed their lives in war.

Different kinds of wreaths might be more or less appropriate depending on what it is exactly that you’re remembering – if it’s a person, you can even place a photo of them in the middle, creating a kind of portable shrine to their memory.


Many people also choose to use wreaths as part of their wedding decoration. Wedding wreaths tend to be quite light in shade, often using light green and white as the dominant colour scheme. They can be worn as crowns, made into bouquets, or used in abundance to help decorate the venue that the wedding is going to take place in.

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While wreaths weren’t always a traditional easter decoration, they’re definitely gaining in popularity nowadays. You can find a wide range of options with several stylistic elements linking them to the easter season. If you’re into easter egg hunts, you can also try incorporating wreaths into that adventure as well.


Housewarmings are another occasion that commonly makes use of wreaths to add a decorative flair. As they’re so well suited to hanging on doors, they’re a lovely way of showing that you’re new to the neighbourhood. You can use them to help create an inviting atmosphere for new neighbours, or just so that people know where to knock when they come around for your housewarming party!

All other celebrations

Honestly, wreaths can be a great form of decoration for pretty much all other celebrations you can imagine, from 21st birthdays to celebrating the birth of a new baby. Take a look at what’s available online, and see what takes your fancy – you’ll likely be surprised by how much is available.

Hopefully, this has driven home just how many different kinds of occasions wreaths can be appropriate for. Whether you’re celebrating or commemorating, there’s sure to be an option somewhere that takes your eye. If you fancy doing some DIY, you might even find it enjoyable to make a wreath at home!

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