Picking The Perfect Christmas Wreath

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:23 pm

It’s looking to be a lot like Christmas everywhere I go… I have been singing this tune for the past week while I pull out all the Christmas decorations and start pouring the glitter and sparkle around the house. Last year, we were not home for Christmas so no decorations went up and the kids were still so young they didn’t know any different. Oh, but this year I am making up for it and they are old enough to get involved now too.

I have always been into the little decorations as much as the big ones. I have little elves and snowmen lining my hallway shelves and kitchen counters. I have glittery garland up my staircase and Christmas is pouring out of every room this year. The one Christmas decoration I haven’t bought yet over the years we have lived in our new house is a Christmas Wreath.

I absolutely love the look of Christmas wreaths whether they are on your front door or on a wall inside – there are so many to choose from. This year I am having trouble picking which one I want to buy for my front door so I need your help to narrow down these Christmas wreath ideas. What do you look for when buying Christmas wreaths? If you have seen my other home decor posts which do you think suits us best, please comment below.

Where Do You Hang A Christmas Wreath?

Knowing where to hang your wreath can be difficult! Certain style of wreaths suit different locations better – particularly if you have a “real” wreath as opposed to an artificial one you use every year. There are a few major positions to consider, but each home is completely individual so you might have the perfect spot not listed here.

Front Door

It’s the most traditional isn’t it! It’s where I want to hang a wreath this year, and it’s also the perfect spot for wreaths made with living foliage. The colder temperature outside will prolong the life of your wreath and make sure you can get the best out of it to last the whole holiday season.

How Do you Hang A Wreath On A Door Without A Nail?

Many of us can be reluctant to put a nail in the front door just to hang a wreath for a few weeks of the year. I don’t blame you! If you have a glass panel on your door then you might want to consider using an adhesive command hook that you could remove from the glass once Christmas is over. You can also buy adjustable height wreath hangers which allow you to make sure the wreath is placed in the perfect spot on your door. Some of them can prevent your door from closing though, so do your research before purchasing. The look that I love though, is using a ribbon. Loop the ribbon through the wreath and then fasten at the top of the door with thumb tacks (where they will be hidden).


On top of a large mirror is a lovely place to a wreath. I think it gives a really charming look, and suits either a modern or traditional Christmas wreath. Using fishing wire to hang the wreath is a great way to give a professional finish to it, as it appears to be suspended in front of the mirror.

Above A Fireplace

If you’re wondering how to decorate your fireplace for Christmas, then a wreath is a great place to start. It doesn’t have to be over the top, choose a wreath that suits the style of the fireplace that you have, and switch up the decor on your mantlepiece to tie it all together. Adding an advent candle or a Christmas garland makes it extra special.


A wreath on a window can hang either on the inside or the outside. It works really well if you have multiple wreaths, one to go on each window, but if you only have the one then that is fine too. Drape a garland around the window for a full winter wonderland style, or let the wreath be the sole focus.

Styles Of Christmas Wreath

Traditional Christmas Wreaths

I love these traditional circle wreaths with berries and frost. They are large enough for the front door but you could always hang one inside on a feature wall or even in the middle of a mirror above the fireplace. I love when people hang Christmas wreaths above their fireplace. It makes the room so festively cozy and even better if that fireplace is lit. I can picture it now with the wood cracking as it burns.

Christmas Wreaths

Modern Wreaths

From unique heart twig christmas wreaths and twig wreaths with golden stars there is a christmas wreath out there for everyone. If you like to get modern why not try an all cranberry wreath or even this great metal typography christmas wreath that also comes in white. Who says you have to stay traditional? Not me with my pastel christmas decorations going up in my front room! I say go wild with your Christmas wreaths. 

Christmas Wreaths 

Rustic Christmas Wreaths

This year the Christmas trend seem to be all about the twigs. I couldn’t agree more, nothing like becoming one with nature indoors. I have put a white twig Christmas tree in my dining room and it’s a beauty. If you haven’t had a chance come peak at my Instagram – it’s loaded with sneak peaks to my Christmas decor. And keep your eyes open on twitter for my YouTube Christmas tour which will be up soon! 

A Christmas wreath made up of twigs in a circular shape. It is dotted with red berries, fake frost and large cream coloured stars

I singled this Christmas wreath one out above because it’s my favorite. In my dining room I have already gone for a twig, red and wooden christmas theme so this would match it perfectly. Now I just need to find out where I would hang it. Can one have too many Christmas wreaths in a house? 

Alternative Uses For Christmas Wreaths

I find it so hard to pick just one. There are so many uses for Christmas wreaths as well. Why not lay it flat on the table as a Christmas centerpiece like I have done with the wreath below. Add a candle or snowman in the middle of it to really catch guests’ eyes. I love the dining room to feel festive while we eat.

Christmas Wreaths

Depending on what style and color of wreath you choose you could even incorporate it into your all year round home decor. Bringing a little nature into the house is a great home decor trend at the minute. I don’t think you could get away with it on the front door year round (but you could change it up depending on the season!) but definitely a neutral one on a sideboard with a candle. 

A Christmas Wreath covered in frosted red berries and pinecones

What do you think of my choices? Which one should I go for? Do you have your own Christmas wreaths inside or outside the house? Anyone use wreaths year round as part of their decor? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. One day I’ll make a wreath but then I see all the gorgeous ones you can buy and I think why bother! Love the holidays for all the pretty things! #homecorner

  2. So many beautiful wreaths, I’m not even sure which one is my favourite. I have a heart shaped one on my front door all year round and I have just swapped it for the Christmas one.


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