What to get Your Little Ones for Christmas

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:42 pm

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As the well known Christmas song goes ‘It’s the most magical time of the year’. Well it certainly can be when you have a house full of little ones to build up to the big day. With lots to plan with regards to food preparation and getting the house all Christmassy, you might also be wondering, what am I going to buy the children for Christmas this year as well. So here are some ideas to get you feeling inspired if you are lacking ideas. 

What To Get Your Little Ones For Christmas

A Creative Gift

A lot of children spend the majority of their time looking at a blue screen, whether it is in the form of a smartphone, tablet, television or laptop screen. So opting for a gift that instead utilises their creative skills can be refreshing. 

They could piece together a difficult puzzle, paint by numbers, which enables them to paint with a little help, or create something original such as coloured sand in a bottle. These will be good ways to get their creative juices flowing and not spend it looking at a blue screen. 

Something Cosy To Wear

It’s been pretty cold recently so why not buy them something soft and cuddly to snuggle up in, the ultimate winter warmers really. A pretty jumper with their favourite character displayed on it, some snuggly socks, slippers or a dressing gown are all good options to go for to keep them warm and stylish at home. 

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Non Fiction Books To Read

You want to encourage your little ones to read from a young age if possible so that they can expand their vocabulary and be confident in their reading skills. Books that can spark their imagination are good ones to go for. So why not have a look to see which children’s 2021 fiction books are currently topping the charts with regards to popularity and purchase one. 

Recipe Book and Child Friendly Kitchen Accessories

Another good skill for children to acquire from a young age is the ability to learn to cook. You could get them a children’s recipe book that is specifically designed to make cooking and baking more fun for them. 

You could then buy some baking/kitchen accessories to try out some new and exciting recipes with them over the festive period. If you can make it more fun and appealing to them then they might be more likely to join in and help you in the kitchen too, which will also provide a great opportunity to bond together as a family. 

Overall it is the wonderful memories that you want to create together as family that will really resonate with your children in years to come. Yes you can buy them all the expensive latest gadgets that are trendy this season, but essentially it is going to be the happy, fun, bonding memories that your children will really treasure when they look back upon their childhood years.


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