Family Activities that are Good for All of You

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:22 pm

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For most people, their family is the most important thing for them. Yet modern life can sometimes make you feel like you are drifting apart. Distractions like video games and smartphones get in the way. As does a busy schedule and work commitments. This can lead to divided family life and a sedentary lifestyle. You might need physical and mental stimulation to form bonds. Fortunately, there is almost an end to the number of family activities that are good for all.

Light Extreme Sports

Of course, some families enjoy abseiling, canoeing and snowboarding, but these are tough and expert knowledge is required. But extreme sports aren’t always dangerous. For example, you can skate. Inline skating, skateboarding and roller skating are great examples. The health benefits of roller skating include balance improvement, cardio work and working for almost every muscle group in your body.

Nature Trails and Hiking

Getting around on wheels might be too much for you. So instead, you might prefer your God-given feet with disregard for Newton’s first law of physics. This way, you can explore nature trails on a hike with your family. Hiking is a fantastic way to see beautiful parts of the world. But it also encourages family bonding in addition to burning calories and strengthening bones.

Camping and Caravanning

While it isn’t strenuous, camping and caravanning provide excellent family health benefits. Being out in nature allows your family to get some fresh air. There are also no distractions like the internet or video games. And no distractions means your children are forced to work and play together. Bonding like this is excellent for mental health and social needs.

Cooking Together 

For most families, one person does all the cooking. Traditionally, this is the mother. But modern families are quite different. But, whoever cooks, you should encourage all to get involved with meals. This helps with family bonding and careers. Many celebrity chefs are successful because they cook together with a special family member such as a parent or grandparent. Nigella Lawson is a great example.

Cleaning Together

Another great family activity is cleaning. Since most family homes are large, it is unfair to expect one person to do it all. You can use the weekend to get the kids to help clean safe areas. You can also ask them to keep their own rooms tidy. You can offer an incentive like pocket money or more screen time. This method teaches responsibility, and a clean child is a clean adult.

Dining as a Family

It’s a sad fact that most families don’t dine together. And when they do, the phones are out. A study in the UK found that only 28% of families eat together regularly. Busy schedules and convenience food are believed to be the main reasons for the decline. But this is a missed opportunity since eating together allows a family to catch up with each other. This forms earl bands that are likely to last into adulthood. 

Family Quiz Time

Family quizzes are great fun. But most of us play these at Christmas with relatives. Quizzes are a great way to help children learn. Of course, you can play games like Trivial Pursuit, but the knowledge won’t correlate with education. Instead, you can make your own questions aligned with your children’s curriculum to gauge how well they learn and monitor their development.


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