Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 08:29 pm

Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Whinfell Forest Center Parcs family experience. The Whinfell Forest isn’t far from where we live and last weekend we enjoyed it to its fullest with Mr P’s mother in tow. If you missed our first day there, Part 1 check it out.  We always make the most of our trips by starting our adventures from the moment we step out the door. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

After a fully packed first day and travelling to the Whinfell Forest Center Parcs, Saturday was just as exciting. We started the morning off with a trip to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. The kids were ecstatic with their swimsuits on!

Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

The place was a lot bigger than I expected and there were so many various slides, pools and areas for kids of all ages. I was so impressed as we the kids. They are huge water babies so their eyes light up when they saw the entrance. It was weird to be in swimsuits and warm when it was so cold outside. That’s the beauty of Center Parcs best of both worlds while on vacation. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

Whilst I don’t own a waterproof camera yet, it’s on my Christmas wishlist (needlist), I braved the open waters for a few moments with my iphone just to capture the kids having a little splash about. I wouldn’t dare brave the slides they both loved so much. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

The swimming was really one of the many highlights of the trip. There is so much to do within the Subtropical Swimming Paradise you really could stay in there all day. There is a cafe to grab drinks and food at which smelled so good when we neared lunch time. We didn’t realize any of this so we only planned to go the morning for a quick splashed. We stayed as close to their lunch and nap times as we could and then it was bribery that had to come into action when it was time to leave. Next time, I really will do a whole day of it. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

While the kids napped with Granny in the cabin we had a chance to go for a lovely walk as it finally stopped raining and explore the grounds just Mr P and I. We popped into Starbucks for our favorite eggnog lattes and then enjoyed the views of waterfalls, Christmas lights, and nature together. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

When the kids woke up the rain was falling heavily but we didn’t let that stop us on our vacation. Granny is a huge fan of walks and exploring so we decided to take my friend’s advice and hike up the big hill towards the horse stables to view the look out and take a few photos with the valley behind us. If you have the energy to walk that far with the kids I bet on a sunny day it’s even more breathe taking then it was raining. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

Of course, Buba didn’t care about anything but the muddy puddles we were encountering. Center Parcs was the ultimate heaven for him in his wellies. I have never seem him so engrossed and dancing around so gleefully in huge muddy puddles. He was soaked by time we got back to the cabin but we were on vacation and you got to let kids be kids. I daresay Mr P really wanted to join him but he was on umbrella duties.Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

The views were beautiful even through the fog. I am glad we got out in the rain even for some fresh air and exercise. It’s always hard to get the whole family looking and smiling but it was handy to have mother-in-law making faces and noises for the kids to take our photo. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

It was the first vacation we have taken with Mr P’s mom in tow and I hope not the last. I always thought it would be great to go on yearly holidays with both sets of parents and extended families. You hear about those families that take their siblings and their families and both set of parents and yearly they travel somewhere abroad together. This is the first step to that I hope. I love being surrounded by family and I think she really enjoyed it too. And no it’s not just so we can have a babysit or photographer on hand but those are bonuses I won’t lie. We are forever grateful for all her help not just on vacation but all the time. I am very lucky to have such a great mother-in-law. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

Oh that wasn’t the end to our fun filled second day at Center Parcs either. Of course, Mr P found out there is a driving range near our cabin so he was very excited to take us all up there to hit a few balls. Buba especially matched Daddy’s enthusiasm. I will admit I actually do find it fun to go to the driving range but with little ones around they do make me nervous. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

I held Missy Moo for fear of getting hit and the boys hit the balls out into the open forest one by one, side by side. It was adorable. I only wish it wasn’t getting so dark out and there was room to get them both in the picture. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2

With Missy Moo asleep and Buba being allowed to stay up a little later with Granny to watch a movie and play with his stickers, Mr P and I went out for a nice meal just the two of us. Like all toddlers it was reported Buba covered himself with all his stickers and fell asleep half through his movie. Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2A very grainy shot (take at midnight) but a joyful ending to our second day at Whinfell Forest Center Parcs. We couldn’t have asked it to go more smoothly and be more fun filled. I hope you have enjoyed part 1 and part 2. Stay tuned for our very last day and seeing Santa!

We saved the best for last!

15 thoughts on “Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Part 2”

  1. We took our eldest to Whinfell Forest as a little family honeymoon after we were married so he didn’t feel left out when we went on our actual honeymoon. We had a great time there, loved every minute. Looks like you all had a great time too x

    • That sounds so great. So thoughtfuln of you too. Yes it really is great for families. They should make more locations than they have more places to visit. Hahaha

  2. I just read Gym Bunny Mummy’s comment above and it made me smile as we too took our eldest to Whinfell for a mini honeymoon after our wedding as we had to wait a few weeks to go on our ‘proper’ one, great memories!
    It looks like you had a great time and your children look so happy in the pool!
    We just got back from the Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs, I think they really are great places for families!

  3. Looks so so lovely and it must have been so nice to have family time and also some time just for you and your husband too! x

  4. I was really looking forward to your second instalment! We are big lovers of the swimming pools at Center Parcs – particularly Ross and Grace. It does look like you all had such an amazing time. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo 🙂 x

    • I know I was thinking the same while we were there thinking it’s going to be weird just us mommies no diaper bags, strollers and kids in tow or might be just what we all need. It will be the longest I ever stay away from the kiddos so I am nervous and excited all together.

  5. Love it, so glad you had fun. I remember trying to tell you how good it is at center parts last year. It’s hard to explain how much fun can be had in a forest if you have never been but it looks like you def made the most of it. Hope the hike up the hill wasn’t too bad for little legs. I think its worth the view though, best view their by far.


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