Winter Wardrobe Capsules

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:42 am

What’s in your winter wardrobe capsule? Surely, there is a set of must-have items each year you need when it hits those chilly temperatures and those festive seasons. Winter has hit and Christmas is just around the corner. I have my winter wardrobe stocked full of all the essential that I need too.

The beauty of a winter wardrobe capsule is to get staple items in your wardrobe that are classic, timeless and that you can wear each year even if the trends change. These items are your key capsule items that you can coordinate some fun trendy, in-season, accessories or tops with and create numerous outfits out of little items by mix and matching them.

So what do I think you should have in your winter wardrobe capsule?

  1. Knitwear – It’s freezing, you need a few staple knitwear items like a jumper, and a cardigan to rely on. I would say one of each in your basic colors of your style would be perfect. For me, this means pastels or pink color but for others this might mean black and grey to coordinate with most of your other clothing items. Think staple items…how many different ways could you wear it? So buying a bright blue cardigan is fab only if you can pair it with numerous other wardrobe items. Don’t go blu, if you never wear blue, it won’t be a staple item for you.
  2. The Day Dress – The casual dress like the one below is perfect for Christmas dinner with friends or a lunch at the garden center with family. This dress can be dressed up or down which makes it a staple item. I go for wintery tones like green, navy, burgundy, grey, and black. They always stay in style for the winter. I wouldn’t go crazy on the patterns but a subtle pattern is nice but still won’t go against the trends the following year.
  3. Jackets & Coats – I say a good poncho if you don’t live where there is snow. I love a big, cozy poncho in neutral colors. You can leave the bright and bold for those tops you change each year. A poncho should last you years of wear and they are so stylish and comfortable at the same time. A big heavy coat for those absolutely freezing days but keep it a color that will match all your wardrobe, grey and black are safe. I once bought a red coat for Christmas and thought I would wear it all winter and didn’t because I never wear red.
  4. Eveningwear – With winter comes the holidays and there will be fancy night out for the Christmas party for work and you might also have a nice dinner with friends and family that you need a casual winter dress for too. For your Christmas party dress, look for one that’s classic and will fit the trends year after year. You might have a Ball, New Year’s party, Big 40th Birthday celebrations, Wedding some else in the year ahead that you could recycle this dress over and over and no one will know. If you go for that sequins, trendy dress with the puffed arms it can quickly become out of style or people remember it more and therefore it’s not a staple item to rely on.

Any of these beautiful items above can be worn with the rest of my wardrobe. The cardigans are great for casual days and even under the poncho for a layered look. I love the pink cardigan, this is a favorite color in my wardrobe. You always need a good grey long sleeve knit for the winter. The day dress is comfortable and chic. The evening gown is pure luxury with the lace back but will stay in style forever.

Would your winter wardrobe capsule have color?

What would it look like for your staple must-have items? 


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