Love the little things #35

I am writing my first blog post from the UK since we left for America two months ago. WOW it has been a great summer and I have so many adventures to still share with you all. I hope that you all have been enjoying my Instagram feed and the few blog posts that I have shared along the way. It’s good to be back though and get back into a normal routine. No more living out of a suitcase! Hurray. 

With that in mind, it’s time for the #littleloves hosted by the lovely Butwhymummywhy. I was so excited and honored to have HOST for her last week and for all that linked up. 


I was so excited to come home to find two copies of Mollie Makes waiting for me to read and catch up on. 

mollie makes magazineHeard

Maddie & Tae – Girl in the Country Song

Love this song. In true home style fashion where I am from, this couldn’t be more true. The poor girls in our country songs get such a bad rap! lol 


 I went and saw “Lucy” with my friend RayRay while I was in Seattle. It’s definitely a mind twister for sure! I hadn’t heard of it before but it left me thinking about how much we don’t know in this world. A must see for sure.


I pretty much wore this for the past two months straight with so much hot weather it was a must. Sadly I wore this yesterday for the last time. Returning back to the UK today along with the rain and cold. I should have known. swim suit season


I am so sad to say that the only thing I made this week is a big mess with our suitcases. We took over my friend’s spare room in Seattle with a play pen, toddler bed and two extremely large suitcases that were bursting. We had clothes everywhere and she can even vouch that they spilled into her dinning room chair for drying! Bless her, she really did put up with a lot from our week stay there. We are so ever grateful to her and her beautiful family. 

And lastly…

Here are the kids waiting for our last of three flights to pull up to our gate! 


We are home! It was a long journey home but the kids did great. They love traveling as much as their parents do thankfully. The numerous airport stops gives them time to rejuvenate and watch all the planes go by. They are already back on schedule and enjoying their toys all over again. Me on the other hand will take a few days to get the eight hour time difference go away. It has truly been the best summer ever!