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Yellow taxis holdall bag from Pink Lining

I have a small fetish with bags of all sorts. I have had this fetish for as long as I can remember. When I was going to school it was backpacks then purses as I got a little older. I was constantly saving my pennies to buy the latest styles or designs out. This fetish went further into my adulthood that turned into buying handbags and wallets all the time. I would ask for new ones for birthdays and christmases for as long as I can remember too. I loved the change a bag could bring but there was also something so great about something new to put things in. I know call me weird. I know there are others out there like me, I only have to say containers and tupperware and some of you are already nodding in agreement. Don’t know what I am talking about, well lucky you. Either way, I think I have passed this fetish onto my children. B and MM are already showing signs of their passion and love for a new bag, new backpack, and even new suitcases.

So when I opened the box for B to see his brand new Yellow Taxis holdall bag from Pink Lining, I can’t tell you which one of us was more excited, me or him. I half contemplated being selfish and saying it was mine and using it for our USA trip myself but kids come first. I handed it to him, asking him what he thought. 

“It’s got cars on it, Mommy.”

“I love it.”

“Can I keep it for always?” 

“It’s the best bag ever, can I put my stuff in it now?”

“Oh what shall I put in you.” (talking to the bag instead me now, I have been forgotten)

Right from the source’s mouth himself, you heard him. I could have listed a thousand more things he said about his amazing “yellow cars bag”, as he calls it, and it continued long into the night. Never give your child a new bag two days before traveling. They will want to pack it and carry it around and unpack it and drag it some more for the entire two days. Trust me.  

holdall yellow taxis from pink lining review travel bag kids bag

He was right though, right from the start, I was impressed too. The outside of it is made of lightweight laminated cotton canvas which makes wiping it clean a breeze and water run off it.The adjustable, detachable straps make it convenient depending on what you are using it for. I love having the choice. The pattern is a mix of London meets New York city cabs and I love the design. With an outside and inside zip pocket it has safe storage and two open pouches for your need to reach items. 

My favourite part of this Pink Lining bag is the heart stitched designs on the handles. I love how much attention to the little tiny details Pink Lining does. Let’s not forget the beautiful pink lining inside too, just stunning as always.

holdall yellow taxis from pink lining review travel bag kids bag

So What’s In My Bag?

holdall yellow taxis from pink lining review travel bag kids bag

As entry to becoming a Pink Lining brand ambassador this year, I am sharing what’s in my bag? I have long loved Pink Lining bags from totes to carryon, holdalls and more. They have amazing designs and patterns that make any parent a stylish one. They put time into their research for the most effective and efficient designs too which every parent can appreciate when they are in a hurry and need their bag organized. 

For Traveling:

We have used our Yellow Taxis holdall for numerous days out and trips already. Most recently, packed it full of B’s clothes for our two months in America. I was so impressed with how much fit into it. Not only did all his shorts, shirts, socks, boxers, and sweaters fit in…we also included shoes, hats, two mini cars, and a book too. Now that’s a holdall if I have ever seen one. Fits in the overhead bins on an airplane easily or underneath the seat. 

For The Beach:

I am constantly having to take two bags for our trips to the beach at my parents house. When we hit the beach this summer, our new yellow taxi holdall will be packed with towels, water, change of clothes, sun block, toys, and snacks too. There won’t be a week we won’t be using and loving it. 

For Overnight Stays:

B starts school this September and it won’t be long before the “staying at a friend’s house” starts. He loves cars and trucks and I know this would be the perfect bag to send him to his best friend’s house for his first overnight stay. When he isn’t looking Mommy might have to use it for her weekend trips to London, it’s just the perfect size. Shhh..I won’t tell him, if you don’t. 

For Storage:

When we aren’t using our holdall on a regular basis for any or all of the above, I see it being the perfect storage in the closet for stuffed toys or toddler blankets. I am always getting creative with my luggage when it’s not being used as we don’t have much storage space in our house. This way it’s ALWAYS being used. 

For a Hospital Bag:

I highly recommend this one for a hospital bag for the new baby arrival. You can fit so much into it for you and your baby nothing will be left behind. I would have loved it for my hospital bag.

No matter what you want to use it for, it’s worth every penny. The quality as I mentioned above is amazing and the design and patterns are so stylish and thought out. It really will be your IT bag. As always if I was to say anything to improve it for the future, I would say make the bottom a harder or more durable surface underneath. Traveling and setting it down as many times as we have, a harder bottom would ensure it stands the test of time but so far it has and we love it. Time will tell. 
holdall yellow taxis from pink lining review travel bag kids bag

Who doesn’t love the vibrant colors and patterns on this? It’s perfect for a boy or a girl, I can promise you both of mine love it equally the same and so does Mommy. I think I can pull off sporting yellow taxis, don’t you?

*I was sent this bag for the purpose of this review and using it as my entry to become a Pink Lining brand ambassador. 


Me & Mine {June}

It’s June! We wouldn’t have known it at the beginning of the month with the heat on in the house and my boots and scarves still out. We began June, cold and windy. The weather started perking up for a few days before we left for the states so the kids could get outside and play. It’s been a funny month, gearing up for our summer trip and getting everything done for B starting school before we left as we return the week before school starts. I have had school visits, teacher meetings and uniforms arriving. It really was a busy month in terms of packing and preparing for school when we return.

We landed in sunny USA, home at last. After hugging my parents for so long we finally got in the car to make the long journey up the mountain to home. It’s the best feeling in the world to be home surrounded by my family and there is so much for the kids to do everyday as the weather is almost always guaranteed. We ended June with a huge celebration for MM turning two years old right along side my best friend’s daughter having been born on the same day. It was just a small family affair but it felt like a really big milestone turning two. The kids seem to have been growing up a lot lately and getting, oh, so tall too. We have a tradition on each kids’ birthday to measure them on my parents door frame and they have shot up this year from last. I love that we spend both of their birthdays here in the states each year. B’s is up next in August so from now until then I am strutting around with a two year old and a three year old. 

Me & Mine June a monthly family portrait project

Mommy is loving..

Being home with family and friends around her.

The hot weather to soak up all that vitamin D.

Watching the kids bond with my side of the family. 

Daddy is loving… 

The hot weather.

Being somewhere where cell phones don’t work.

My parents new hot tub.

B is loving…

The swimming pool, everyday.

His new electric car my parents bought him for his early birthday present.

Going outside all day, everyday.

MM is loving…

Her Little & Fierce sunglasses (surprise, surprise).

Her birthday cake.

The sandpit at my parents. 

Me & Mine June a monthly family portrait project  

Together we are loving…

Not having plans but taking each day as it comes.

Monkeying around my parents house outside.

Being in the sunshine.


Going for walks in the woods.

Playing in the river. 

Me & Mine June a monthly family portrait project

June’s family captures are special as for the next two months Mr P won’t be with us in our photo captures but he will be there in spirit. So don’t think I got rid of him just yet, in July and August because he isn’t in them. We will miss him so very much but it’s our last big summer in the states before we are restricted to term times. I am so very grateful for this time to bond with my side of the family and my friends here. I am so grateful that we have FaceTime so the kids still get to see Daddy every night before bed. Just like last year I know it will fly by and soon we will be back in the UK together again. We are making the most of Daddy’s last week here, this week.  

dear beautiful
This month I am sending you to the stunning photography and beautiful family of Katie at Mummy Daddy Me. She always gets creative with her family captures and the girls always look so happy and having a great time enjoying the moment. 
Each month, a winner is chosen by a different team member for a Photo Box prize and all linkers are automatically in the drawing. So thank you so much for joining us in sharing your family captures. I can’t wait to see all yours this month and hope you enjoyed ours. 

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