My travel bucket list

As an expat family, we travel a lot and mostly it’s to see family and friends. With both of us having most of our family abroad we don’t venture out on holiday unless it’s to see them or friends we have made a long the way. The world is so full of so many amazing places to visit it’s hard to pick just a few but here is my bucket list of the places I want to visit in the near future for our family holidays. 

1. Greece 

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldI have never been to Greece and the pure white buildings look so stunning, off setting that gorgeous blue water. I have plans to do a Greek island cruise with my momma for our next mother / daughter trip but I would love to take my family here for one of our family vacations. I have seen so many beautiful hotels in Greece and so many great places to visit there. I would definitely do a package holiday to Greece as it makes it easier for families traveling with children and includes everything for you so you don’t have to worry. It’s definitely number one on my bucket list for our next big family vacation.

2. Amalfi Coast

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldThis place holds dear to my heart as I researched it and wanted to get married here so badly. If my entire family didn’t have to fly across the world to it rather than just from the UK, I would have got married here along it’s beautiful coastlines. I still want to make the family trip there someday and maybe a fun celebration for our anniversary of what could have been our wedding destination. 

3. Maldives

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldComing from America, we usually honeymoon in places closer like Fiji and Bora Bora and if I had known more about the Maldives I would have choose there. We flew all the way back from Bora Bora which was almost completely around the world after our honeymoon that turned out to be one storm fest after another. I wish we had set our eyes on the Maldives, which was closer to home and probably a better chance of great weather. We definitely are in need of a second honeymoon to make up for the first. 

4. Abu dhabi

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldWhat’s not to love with the mouth dropping architecture in Abu dhabi. It leaves me truly breathless. The buildings, monuments and places to visit are outstanding. It’s definitely one for shopping too so it had to make my travel bucket list. 

5. Portugal

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldI have heard so many great things about Portugal and it’s family friendly vacation hotspots. I would love to take the kids and just play out on the beach with not a care in the world. It’s not far from me so it’s one the kids at their age could handle the flight. 

6. Thailand

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldThailand is such a stunning country. There are so many great beaches, hidden gems and gorgeous waterfalls to seek out. I can just imagine my family rowing along the moss covered rocks to find our special oasis. There is nothing more beautiful than nature here I have been told and I long to see it with my own eyes and share it with my family.

7. Australia

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldWho doesn’t want to say they have been to Australia? Not you, well my family is originally from there on my father’s side so I would love to go back to my roots and explore. I love researching my family history and where we come from. It would be great to see the places they lived along with so many great tourist attractions too.

8. Switzerland

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldAs you can see from my bucket list, I am a huge fan of the beach but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good snowy mountain or two. I have always been a snowboarder but I would love to learn how to ski one day and why not with the kids in Switzerland? Sounds good to me.

9. Marrakech

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldI have longed to go to Morocco. Marrakech is always flashing it’s top hotels on the tv and internet making me drool. There is nothing I love more than a gorgeous hotel laid out with pools and amenities galore. The ones where the hotel is the holiday as much as the destination. 

10. Lapland 

My traveling bucket list best places to visit around the worldYou are thinking Lapland, of course she wants to go see Father Christmas… nope, up until I moved the the UK, I said Santa and he lived in the north pole; not some place called Lapland. But Lapland on top of beautiful skiing is famous for it’s light shows. I would love to go and see the green ambers dancing across the sky. 

Of course, there are truly a million beautiful places around the world waiting to be discovered, traveled and explored. I could pour over the internet everyday planning various types of holidays and where I want to take the kids. I am so grateful and love being able to share the world and it’s amazing glories with my children. 

What’s on your travel bucket list? Where would you go on your next big family holiday? Would love to hear from you, leave your comments below.


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Redecorating “again”, our travel curse, and some exciting news #littleloves

I know that many of you will curse me when I say this but as you are reading this we are off to Marbella, Spain. Yes, I did phrase that two weeks ago about France but we are trying to see all our friends and traveling a lot before MM turns two and B is in school. I have also mentioned “our curse” on this family and if you don’t know it’s the illness curse where as soon as I book a holiday both my children will wait until the day before we leave to start vomiting and coughing their heads off. We haven’t had the best of luck with weather on our last few holidays either. Spain isn’t looking any different with MM vomiting all night Wednesday night and Thursday morning. B woke up with a horrible cough too. I need a miracle to make these two perk up for our trip. This is our last one besides our two months in American this summer at my parents for the whole year so we really want to make the most of it. 

This week with illnesses, work and packing has been absolutely busy. B had some great news and passed his hearing test which was great news to us as he failed his last one. With his allergies and eye sight getting worse we were celebrating huge for something to go right this time. 


With my week off it was blog catch up time this week. I have read wait for it… 350 blog posts this week. Phew, just typing that makes me tired. I stayed up way too late trying to catch up on my favorites as well as all the amazing linkers on Share With Me which hit a record for link ups. I have tried to read a few new books that I have bought and totally wasted my money on as they weren’t any good. I think I just have fallen in love with blog reading and my book reading will have to wait till summer in the states. I love a variety of blogs for so many different reasons. At the moment as I redecorate my office, my back living room, B’s room and the spare room there are a lot of changing going on in the LTM house and so these home interior bloggers have been taking up my time for inspiration. 

Apartment Apothecary – Bedroom Makeover  

The Ordinary Lovely – Styling the Seasons Coffee Corner 

Wild & Grizzly – Interior Tips for Homes that Grow With You


Bloggers Insight is coming up next week on my YouTube channel, this month I have the lovely Colette from We’re Going on an Advenutre sharing her advice, tips and experiences with blog reviews! Do hope you will pop over and if you like it don’t forget to give a thumbs up! You can catch more “Bloggers Insight” interviews here. 


Nashville has just started up again and boy did they not hold back in the first two episodes already. I was literally glued to my tv like a true fan. I love me some country music and the music just keeps getting better and better each time. I must buy the cd soon! 


I finally found a kaftan that I like for Spain. At this age I need a few more in my wardrobe but I hate the long sleeve ones or the ones that go to the ground too as they just overtake me being so short. Its hard to find one that I like the style and color of. I am also loving my white and rose gold nails ready for the beach this weekend. 

redecorating again, our travel curse, and some news #littleloves


A remake of my momma’s potato soup growing up was perfect for the cold weather that enveloped us this week. There is nothing more comforting on a cold night than Chunky Potato Soup. Try it out let me know what you think? The kids love it! 

Chunky Potato Soup recipe and white roux sauce oxo good grips frypan

And lastly…

As mentioned I have been redecorating in the LTM house a ton lately. Now, that the kids are getting older and I have more time to really put the final touches on our home. I am adding black and white collage to the back room as we speak. B’s room is almost done. I can’t wait to share all my upcoming home tours with you all. 

I have some good news too… no I am not pregnant. Everyone always seems to think I mean babies when I say I have good news. I am very honored to have been asked to be Graham & Brown’s brand ambassador for this year. Their interior products are timeless and have been loved for years. Check out my vintage style moodboard inspired by their Northern Rose wallpaper. I love designing a room from one single piece to the whole picture. 


House of Fraser Dickins & Jones multicoloured cushion win giveaway

Speaking of home decor, I have something special for you all too. I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway for House of Fraser for their gorgeous Dickins & Jones multi-colored cushion. I can just imagine this cushion on my own office chair or propped up on the hallway chair inviting my guest in to have a seat.

Enter below and best of luck! 

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A Vintage Northern Rose Bathroom

Since moving to the UK eight years ago, I have made an effort to get to know British companies and brands. Graham & Brown is one of those companies that stay timeless with their home decor. They have been widely known for their amazing wallpapers since 1946 which just goes to show you it’s a trusted brand. In America we are not as into our wallpaper designs as here in the UK, it’s one of my favorite home styles having a featured wall of wallpaper now. I love when family and friends visit from home and fall in love with my wallpaper as much as I have. I was so very honored to be asked to be this year’s Graham & Brown brand ambassador. I have so much to share with you over the coming month. Today, I am sharing my love for their gorgeous Northern Rose wallpaper and how I think it would look amazing as a featured wall in a bathroom. A vintage northern bathroom  home decor Graham & Brown

One home style I have always been in love with is shabby chic / vintage style. I love the distressed furniture, floral patterns and brightness against the whites and creams. I have slowly been redoing my house as the kids get older since we moved in when I gave birth to B, I haven’t really had a chance to put the final touches on it. Our downstairs bathroom is a half bath which means there is no shower. It’s a small little washroom but great when people are over and they don’t have to go upstairs to use the bathroom. I know I want to incorporate the shabby chic / vintage style in it but also want to keep it in line with the rest of the house. So I have been pouring over some various looks on pinterest to see what grabs my attention. 

I am a huge fan of blue and pink together too. I think it pairs perfectly with a shabby chic / vintage style. I have been finding really cool vintage signs on pinterest for bathrooms as well as diy projects with mason jars to hold all my bathroom accessories.

Graham & Brown’s Northern Rose wallpaper would pair nicely in a downstair vintage bathroom style. The detailed roses already scream vintage and it’s full of color to bring those little bathrooms to life. I love the all white look with a pop of color as it always makes you focus more on the features rather than the bathroom furniture. I have put together a little mood board inspired by the Northern Rose wallpaper below. A vintage northern bathroom  home decor Graham & BrownWhat do you think? Are you a fan of shabby chic/vintage home styles? If so, why not pin it to your pinterest board and start your own collection of shabby chic / vintage home decor ideas. 

Have you heard of Graham & Brown before? Check out other interior products on their website.