5 Gift Ideas for Grandparents

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It’s no secret Grandparents have done so very much for most of us right from the moment we are born. It never stops with us growing up, their love for their own children, us, is never ending and passes on when we are have our own children. And their grandbabies soon become the apple of their eye and their love, help and support continues onto them.

5 Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Even though my parents, THE Grandparents, live across the world from us, they have exponentially helped, loved and supported my two children. I am always thinking of ways to thank them for all that they still do for me and my siblings and for all the grandchildren of the family. I think sometimes we don’t realize just how important Grandparents are and all that they have done for the family. They are the leaders of the family tree and that should mean something. Why not buy them a gift to remember.

THE Grandparents in my children’s lives are in the 60’s and I am always trying hard to find the perfect gift for them. Here are five top gift ideas for Grandparents, to say we all love you, and to say we are all so grateful for you and all you do.  Even though they would love us just saying it, sometimes a whole lifetime of support needs a bigger gesture.

5 Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents

1. Buy them a gift card for a fancy dinner out. Don’t forget to include the champagne! They spoiled us our whole lives and now our children so we should do the same. My parents love dining out and the whole dining experience, I know they love a good three course meal at a steak house. Where would you send your parents?

2. Name a Star for each of them. You can easily buy a star and a whole gift package for each Grandparent from Universal Star Registry. They can think of your amazing gesture every time they look up in the sky.

3. A tailored holiday to South Africa, why not? I know in my family, THE grandparents love to travel and exploring the safari and seeing all those amazing animals is a trip of a lifetime. Both my parents are retirement so this would be a perfect gift for them. There are companies like Saga Travel that can easily handle all their traveling needs so that you don’t have to.Saga has amazing packages for over 50’s.  Sometimes Grandparents don’t think to travel as much as they could because they don’t want the hassle of organizing it.

4. Buy them an ipad so they can FaceTime the grandbabies anytime they want or take photos and videos of that safari trip and the rest of their retirement adventures. I know my parents are one generation behind technology so can’t understand the cost for an ipad but as a generation and expat, I know they are so helpful at helping us stay in touch and communicating more across the world. Not to mention what Grandparent doesn’t love a photo album full of photos of their chidlren and grandbabies. Preload a bunch of photos on the ipad before you give it to them and have it all setup so they can get to using it right away and don’t set it aside to learn later. Later will never happen.

5. Buy them tickets to a show! The ballet, opera, or even a movie can say thank you in a big way. It’s time for them to spend together and get out of the house. Retirement is for having time to enjoy life to it’s fullest! I keep telling my parents to go do more adventures things they said they want to but just never can think of anything to do. Sometimes a wonderful gift to get them out doing new things, is a great starter!

Some of these are small tokens of appreciation and some of them are huge extravagance. Sometimes a huge gesture is just what you need, I know I owe so much to my mother-in-law and her weekly help. I have been saving up to thank her properly for all that she has done for us not that she would ever expect anything but love in return. It still is an amazing feeling to give back to those that help and support us day in and day out.

5 Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents

So let’s thank our parents, THE Grandparents that have done and still do so much for us all. Sit back and appreciate their love, guidance and help. Tell them we love them and appreciate them because they are still so important to us as adults as they were to us as children.


*collaboration post and animal photo credit to Saga Travel Website

3 thoughts on “5 Gift Ideas for Grandparents”

  1. Good ideas! A little extravagant for me but love the thought of just thanking them for all that they do outside of birthdays and holidays. I just stumbled onto your site, beautiful children and family.

  2. Thankfully (for my bank manager) my parents are sorting out their own travel adventures in their retirement, including a few with Saga which they have loved. However, we have bought them a few special treats over the years. Spa days, trips on the Watercress Line and National Trust membership have all been hits. They are so worth it! X


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