6 Reasons Why Everyone Should have Internet Safety 

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 09:31 am

We can all agree that the world wide web has made our lives so much easier. Things that used to be tedious to achieve can now be done anywhere in the world, at any time. But with this new technology and efficiency to living there comes new stresses of our safety online. Internet security is needed more than ever before.

As a parent of three kids and an online influencer, I know the true value of having internet security. Its one of the many things I stress about having so much online with my job, so many family passwords to our online applications and most importantly our family’s safety on my mind.

Here are 6 reasons why everyone should have internet safety:

1. Businesses and Individual alike have information that needs protecting.

We all have information that we do not want to be public. Whether that is our phone numbers, passwords and photos for an individual or client information from a business. The fact remains that everyone needs some form of internet security. Companies like Bitdefender provide many solutions for best internet security software that can help you secure your information including unbeatable threat detection, privacy firewall to block intrusions, filter your network traffic, webcam/microphone protection to prevent eavesdropping and improved secure VPN for online privacy. These are all very important aspects of your online presence to protect. 

2. Security Breaches are expensive.

Its no secret that it is expensive for businesses and individuals to restore their devices back to their working order from a hack or a virus. Fixing things, a breach may have damaged can also rack up time and money. Even worse trying to get the information that was leaked back out of the public eye. It can be stressful, costly, and put things like your family finances in jeopardy too. 

3. Attacks are getting more detailed and creative. 

With modern technology forever advancing, you can imagine how detailed and creative hackers, viruses, cybercrimes are advancing too. The world uses the internet for so many things now, it is crucial to keep things protected as best you can. Emails and passwords are among those things that need protecting. Bitdefender can help you with online secure password generator, for example. They also have identity protection, device security, privacy plans, and more. The more creative our criminals get the better protection we need. Bitdefender even provide all-in-one plans. 

4. Create a Safe Business Environment or Website for people.

If you are a business owner or an individual with online presence like myself, you want people to feel safe and secure when shopping with you or following you. You want them to be protected as much as you are protected. Things like creating a safe website is key. And there are various types of internet security that can help you with this. Using tools like Google consent mode can help your customers feel safe and secure when shopping or browsing your website, as it will help them to ensure their data is safe and view you as a trustworthy brand too.

5. The emotion of loss of precious memories, photos, and videos. 

Most of us have now experienced some kind of emotion stress and turmoil that comes with getting hacked, a virus on our devices or other unforeseen problems that occur with the internet when it comes to storing and protecting those precious moments you have captured. Losing photos and videos of times you cannot get back or recreate is heartbreaking. I have been there when my computer got hacked and our external hard drives got a virus. I lost photos and videos of my kids with my recently deceased Dad. Moments and memories that meant more to us now that he was not with u,s than ever before, that I can never get back. 

6. Hacking is at an all-time high online.

If criminals are not out to steal your financial information or get personal information from your devices online, some people are purely out there to hack you for fun. There are groups and individuals that challenge themselves in hacking businesses and individuals. It could be emails with corrupt links or trying to hack your social accounts. No matter how big or small and or pointless it seems to us, hackers will keep on trying. There is also more to gain now by hacking since everyone uses the internet for just about everything they do in life.

A lot of times we wait until something bad happens before we invest in security of any kind. Why wait? Our online presence is bigger and more intricated than ever. I know as my kids get older, I need to protect my whole family and teach them the importance of online safety too. 

Are you fully protected online? Do you know what needs protecting and how to keep all your valuable information safeonline? 

*collaboration/photos are sourced by pexels.com

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