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Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:17 am

This week I started weaning my 5 month old daughter, Missy Moo. I love this stage. When I weaned my son, Buba, it was definitely a different experience. He was a hungry baby and at 17 weeks was ready for more than just milk. From the very first bite, he gorged himself in baby rice, fruit and vegetable purees, and always wanted more. There was little that he let slip from his lips. 

The first bite of baby rice I gave Missy Moo was a completely different scenario. She did everything but swallow it. She pushed her tongue out while the rice oozed from her big grinning mouth. Attempt after attempt, it continued to end up on her bib, her nose, her hands, her cheeks everywhere but in her mouth.

Weaning Week One:


I thought after a few days she would get the hang of it. So far week one of weaning hasn’t changed much. She doesn’t refuse it or get upset luckily but at least has fun with it, which is all I can ask for. I figured because I waited a bit longer to wean her than I did with my son, it would be a smooth transition. I have heard that boys are better feeders than girls so I wanted to prove them all wrong. There is still time, but for now, I think her face and bib are enjoying Mommy’s creations a lot more than Missy Moo.

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