Manchester: Run In The Dark

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:17 am

I was asked by my best friend, S, if I wanted to participate in the Manchester Run in the Dark for charity. The first thing I thought was running is not my forte, but when she mentioned charity I had to say, “Yes!” My next question was how far was the run. I am not a regular athlete nor do I profess to like any form of exercise. With my 30th drawing nearer and having two kids, I exercise because I have to. What was I getting myself into?

S had gathered a few friends, who for the most part all do regular training, unlike myself.  Leading up to the run I was extremely busy with the kids’ swimming, music, Spanish classes, blogging to all of you (haha), weaning Missy Moo, and potty training Buba that I didn’t have a chance to do a few practice runs. Eeek.

I was excited when “run day” finally was here, let’s just do it for charity, hope I don’t die and get it over with. What I didn’t expect was to absolutely love it and come home wanting to do more. It was a great feeling knowing you are doing it for charity and for good health. I felt empowered running 10K, I know it’s not that far but for a non-runner it was enough for me. I found myself returning home to Google for the next 10k in the area. It had a sense of community about it. Everyone was cheering on strangers around them. Sharing their encouraging attitudes, our mini team decided to interact with the marshals. High fives, thank yous, and getting to know their names as we would be back around for lap two kept the run both interesting and motivating.

My favorite moment was crossing the finish line arm in arm with my mini running team of friends. We may all have had various running skills but we stuck together and enjoyed our evening. I have to say a big thanks to the yellow scarf group for congratulating us at the finish line with screams, shouts, and big smiles. Also a thanks to all the lovely marshals and the red bull girls for their support and time. It truly was a great event to participate in, something I hope to do again soon.

For more information on the Mark Pollock Trust Charity or Manchester Run in the Dark click here. Thank you S for getting me involved.


5 thoughts on “Manchester: Run In The Dark”

  1. Way to go girl!!! I have never done a marathon of any size so all the props go to you for getting out and trying something new!! You are such an inspiration!

    • Thanks. I love doing things I wouldn’t normally do. It’s all about being the best rounded person I can be or here’s to hoping. haha

  2. My goodness, good on you, well done! I’ve just been allowed to throw away my orthopaedic boot, after six weeks of immobility with a broken ankle and it’s all I can do to hobble around without crutches or boots. Everything stiffens up so! Ho hum, such is life!


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