Me & Mine Family Project {October 2017}

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Me & Mine Family Project photo portraits October 2017

Oh October! Where have you gone? September may have dragged on and on but October zoomed passed us straight to Halloween. I can’t believe it’s Halloween already. We have been so busy this month. As family days out go though we were cursed this month. We attempted not once, not twice, not three times but four times to go to the Pumpkin Patch. The first time a storm hit and the rain just wasn’t even worth wellies and a raincoat. The second time, MM got sick at gymnastics. The third time, myself and B caught MM vomit bug. Finally, even on the fourth time the traffic was stopped and hubby tried to turn around. I had to threaten his life if he did he would wear the pumpkin guts that I would have to buy at Tesco instead of the pumpkin patch. Fourth time, we made it! I really thought we just weren’t going to make it this year. We normally go to our favorite spot Kenyon Hall because they have an amazing corn maze and scavenger hunt in it each year.

Sadly, because we were so delayed in finally getting there, storm Brian had ruined the entire maze and we weren’t allowed to go in it. We were all so devastated to say the least but I asked a nice lady there if we could still take our annual Halloween family photos among the sad looking corn fields and she not only let us sneak around the rope to them but she took the photos for us. Bless her heart. They may look pathetic behind us but we still had so much fun picking out our pumpkins in the muddy field together.

The sun was blasting us but I couldn’t really ask the lady, please I know we have asked you to sneak us behind the roped off area, take you away from your work, make you take family photos of us, but could you just move over to the other side the lighting is bad here. HAHAHA No way, I went with it and was glad that we even got a photo this month as sick as we all have been and as bad as the rain has been too. I am grateful for these very light bursting, green memories!

Me & Mine Family Project photo portraits October 2017


Finally going to the Pumpkin Patch!

Carving Pumpkins with the kids.

Lies ins and sunny days for half term.



The wheelbarrow in the muddy field with the pumpkins. 

Taking the day off for half term in the sunshine.

His new garden. 



Completely obsessed with Dinotrux on Netflix.

Pumpkin Patch fun.

Half term – NO SCHOOL! 



Trying to eat the pumpkin’s insides calling it melon.

Making pancakes with Mommy for breakfast.

Half term – NO SCHOOL!


 Me & Mine Family Project photo portraits October 2017

We have had a great start to half term this week. Everyone else seems to be back in school and we have only just begun our time off. It’s been beautiful sunny days which is rare at the moment so we have been getting out as much as possible. It’s been freezing though time for bobble hats and gloves now. The kids have so much in the diary in November and we have Thanksgiving too. 

It’s one huge holiday after another for us from October to January with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my Birthday, New Years, and Daddy’s birthday too. Phew, expensive few months as well. But I love this time of year for various reasons. Each part of the year, something different to look forward to. I guess that is why life moves so fast always looking ahead to the next thing. I think it will be our first Christmas with the kids in the UK this year too. Something that’s very rare for us. Be great to decorate the house even more than I already do this time. The kids are now at that magical age too that it’s going to be the best Christmas ever, I think. May your November be full of blue skies, crisp air and happiness!

Be safe tonight, Happy Halloween!

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19 thoughts on “Me & Mine Family Project {October 2017}”

  1. Now that is serious pumpkin patch dedication!! Your pictures are lovely and I’m so glad she let you sneak around to be able to continue the tradition. We’ve just gone back to school after two week half term but half of my office are only just off – it’s crazy how much it varies, but probably makes places a bit less busy so I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Wow you were unlucky trying to get to the pumpkin patch. Glad you finally made it and got to have your family photos in front of what was left of the corn maze – such a shame that the storm damaged it. The next few months sound like they will be very busy but fun busy. Hope you have a lovely half-term 🙂 #meandmineproject

  3. That is so funny about the lady taking your photo, this happens to me all the time! I asked my sister this time and I was like look, please can you get us all in, like the feet too and some space around? It’s really not that hard, haha! How annoying are bloggers hey?! Lovely pics xxx

  4. That is very nice of her. They are beautiful autumn photos. I know what you mean about people taking family photos of you. We took our family photo at the pumpkin patch only yesterday. A family of 4 seen me setting up my Gorilla Pod around the pumpkin and only then asked me where I got it. I took a photo of the four of them. I could have done with the hassle of shaping the tripod around the pumpkin lol xx

    • I know it’s a hard thing being a blogger and vlogger hahaha I once set up a tripod in the middle of an outside cafe so that I could get a photo of my friend and I cheers-ing bubbly together while hundreds walked by and in front of tripod we had to wait for a few minute for a break and then snap everyone was looking but it’s one of my favorite photos worth it. Lol things we do eh?

  5. Oh bless you lovely, sounds like getting your photos was an adventure! They are beautiful though. I always want a perfect shot and it’s so hard in a public place lol! And soon you’ll have another little one in your photos! Congrats again! Xx


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