My Top Tips for Black Friday Shopping

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I don’t dare ask if you heard of Black Friday, even in England, I know most people know what it is but just in case you don’t, it’s only the biggest shopping sales day of the year! This year, it falls on November 24!

Black Friday Sales November 24, 2017 biggest shopping day of the year

Each year, I get organized with my Black Friday shopping lists ready. You should bever go in blind to shop or you will either spend way more money than your budget allows or won’t find anything that’s a huge bargain that you actual need, not just want. I have stood in lines at 4am with hot coffee waiting for doors to open to department stores to get the best discounts on the items I want for people for Christmas. Yes, I am one of those. Most stores have a time frame on discounts, for example, 4 to 5 am is 75%, 5-6 am is 50% and so forth. Making it not much of a discount or items left over for the sleep heads that want to sleep in and browse after lunchtime. However, Black Friday sales have changed a lot since I lived in America. For one thing, they have gone global. It’s no longer an American thing to do the day after Thanksgiving which is when it is every year.

Not only has it gone global but it’s gone viral as well. Online retail stores have joined in the Black Friday sales blowouts with even sneak peaks and early shopping opportunities for VIP members or account holders. Making Black Friday shopping easy right from the comfort of your own home for those must-have, lusted-for items. So I make a list of fashion items I want to see in the sales, home decor that I have been eyeing, and of course, Christmas presents for the kids that are on their list.

I usually look for 2 or 3 for deals for the kids or family members’ Christmas presents too. You can score some amazing gift sets 2 for £20 or 3 for £30 of perfumes, bath sets, chocolate sets, mugs or champagne sets. Think one for each grandparent and you are done with the extended family shopping list. It’s great for stockings for the kids or your partners too.

I save my pennies starting in August for Black Friday so I can shop for some amazing discounted fashion items for myself that I have seen or lusted over from magazines. Also my birthday falls in December, I always end up spending my birthday money early, from my family on Black Friday. One year I got almost an entire new wardrobe in the sales from ankle boots, coats, hats, gloves, to bags, jewellery and makeup. It was a successful hunt down of fashion items.

The best thing to do is bookmark your favorite websites and sign up to their newsletters. Like I said, a lot of the time they might send out a sneak peak of what will be in the sale the day before or even let you shop at the stroke of midnight before everyone else (general public) has access. Bagging you the opportunity to get that last pink trench coat you have been eyeing when it’s the last one in stock and for 75% off too. I call that worth all the hard research done beforehand. After you have bookmarked and signed up to all your favorite shops, go through and star, snap or write down items you really want so when the sale opens you can search that item in the search box immediately and not have to browse looking for it again. Always have your list for everything you are looking for and stay focused. The fast you shop the more discounts and less likely an item will be sold out so you still have to be willing to get up early. No sleep heads!

Here is my Black Friday Shopping List full of birthday goodies for me: 

Black Friday Shopping List

So don’t worry you can successfully get all your Christmas shopping done for your entire family and scoop up a few new fashion items for yourself or even a nice dress for your work’s Christmas party in just one morning. Get that bank card ready… really handy if your computer saves your details for the day and you can wipe the history clean afterwards so you aren’t typing it a million times.

What would you look for on Black Friday for yourself? Would you look for those fashion boots you have always wanted? Perhaps, those limited edition handbags that never go on sale, you never know they might pop in up come Black Friday, usually nothing is off limits. Or maybe you are amazingly selfless and just score absolutely everything on sale for the kids Christmas and are finished Christmas shopping before the rest of us.





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