Black Box Insurance and The Benefits

Black Box Car Insurance

Black box insurance is a fiercely debated topic amongst drivers some people love it and some hate it. On the face of it, there are some great benefits to getting black box insurance but some people find the idea of it to be very restricting. This is not the case and you can compare on great comparison sites like

Black box insurance is usually only used by younger and very inexperienced drivers. For some drivers in these categories, black box insurance could be the only insurance policy they can really use. Opting for another type of insurance could end up being very costly.

Black box insurance can also be quite expensive at first but the good news is if you are a good driver who follows road safety then your premiums could quickly go down. The argument that black box insurance is too restrictive then doesn’t really seem fair.

After all, won’t you want to follow safe driving practices anyway whether you have a black box or not? The issue is when some insurers are a little too strenuous when it comes to monitoring some people find them to be overzealous.

But let’s put the arguments aside for now and look at the benefits of black box insurance in more detail. If you are considering black box insurance then read on below to see what benefits you’ll find with an insurance policy.

Enforces Safe Driving Practices 

One of the biggest benefits of black box insurance is that it actively helps encourage safe driving practices. This is a huge advantage for new and inexperienced drivers because it helps ensure you stick to proper road safety.

Yes being monitored by the black box might seem strange at first but it will make a big difference to how you drive and help ensure you stay safe. This isn’t just a benefit for you it will also help ensure more people drive safely which is a benefit for society at large.

Anti-Theft Technology 

A black box is a very sophisticated piece of telematics equipment one of the biggest advantages of a black box is that it has a built-in GPS. This provides many advantages but if your vehicle is stolen then the black box can actually be used to track the vehicle! No one wants their car to be stolen but if it has a black box then you can get it tracked quite easily.

Rewards Safe Drivers 

One big benefit of black box insurance is that it actively rewards you! The safer you drive the lower your premiums will be. Any driver can benefit from this but it will be especially useful to younger drivers who generally face higher prices. Depending on your policy you might also be able to take advantage of the lower costs in just a few months.

Claims Management Assistance 

The black box doesn’t just help when it comes to vehicle thefts it can also be used to help with claims management after an accident on the road. The black box will monitor your speed, braking time and much more. This can be used to help prove that you weren’t at fault during an accident.

Insurers Like Them 

Finally, another great benefit worth mentioning about black box insurance is that insurers like them! This is good news for you especially if you are a younger driver because it means you have a higher chance of getting accepted.

Because unsafe drivers will be penalised and safe ones will be rewarded both the driver and the insurer will benefit from utilising black box insurance. So, if you are looking for insurance as a new driver black box could certainly be the best choice.

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