Benefits of Co-sleeping with your Baby

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:26 pm

Sleeping is a controversial topic among parents and co-sleeping even more so. However, co-sleeping has clear benefits, including more energy, sleep, and creativity for you and your baby. Sounds fantastic, right?

Co-sleeping is when you share a bed, or room, with your baby at night. Please note this is only safe for babies aged three months and above. There are also different variations of co-sleeping arrangements depending on personal preference and the age of your baby. For example, room-sharing is when your baby sleeps next to you on a different surface.

Laying your baby on a different surface, like a crib, is usually the safest option. Alternatively, try putting them next to you in bed, instead of between you and your partner as this can be riskier.

Here are a few benefits of co-sleeping and how to do it. 

Benefits of Co-Sleeping with your Baby:

More sleep for you and your baby

Pretty much every parent needs, and wants, more sleep. Establish a sustainable sleep schedule that suits you and your baby’s internal clock. Co-sleeping means sharing a bedtime with your baby so make sure this schedule fits around your professional and personal time. 

As you are sleeping right next to your baby, you can feed and soothe them quickly without fully getting up. This means less disruption for your sleep pattern and more rest overall. Both adults and babies tend to sleep longer when they share a room. 

More sleep means increased creativity, concentration, problem-solving abilities, energy and relationships. Educate yourself on just how much sleep your baby needs for their age group before establishing a new sleep routine. 

Physical and mental benefits

When you sleep next to your baby, your heart rates, brain waves, sleep states, oxygen levels, and temperatures begin to influence one another. Your baby’s breathing syncs with yours, promoting baby growth and development. 

How to co-sleep 

Co-sleeping is a popular topic online, and people have a lot of opinions about it. Before you start co-sleeping, try reading a guide to co-sleeping and learn all about the different risks. For example, avoid loose sheets and pillows around your baby. Do not try co-sleeping if you have taken drugs, sedatives, alcohol or are overly tired that evening. 

Carry out your usual bedtime routine before co-sleeping. Give your baby a relaxing bath, read them a book, play some white noise, feed them, burp them, change them and then lay them down on a surface next to your bed. You can soothe them while you both lie down and drift off into a dreamy sleep. Having a good baby routine is so important.

When laying you baby down for bedtime, ensure they are laying on their back for safety. An organic baby sleeping bag will provide comfort and temperature regulation while also keeping your baby safe at night. The fitted neck on the sleeping bag stops your baby from slipping underneath. It also creates a familiar sleeping environment and gives your baby room to grow. I wish they made this in adult size!

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