Planning to move abroad with your family? Here’s what to consider

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Moving overseas together with your family offers the opportunity for everyone to start on a clean slate, as well as grow and thrive in a new environment. For this reason, it’s crucial that your move provides a positive experience for all. 

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Moving Abroad Checklist

Visa Requirements – Every country has different visa requirements so make sure you have a good grasp of the process before you apply.

Tax Requirements – As with visa’s, every country is different. Research the tax requirements for the country you plan to move to, as well as the tax requirements for your home country. You will likely still have tax obligations of some kind in your home country even when living abroad.

Accommodation – Where will you be living? Will you buy or do you intend to rent? Is the process different to where you live now? What area will you live in?

Transport – Consider your transport options. Do you plan to use public transport or drive? If you are driving, what are the driving license requirements?

Education – What is the schooling system like? Will they attend public school or a private International school?

Healthcare – What healthcare requirements are there? Do you have suitable insurance?

Financial Requirements – Do you know how to open a local bank account? What is the norm?

Local Customs – Consult online forums or even guidebooks so that you’ll know extra things such as things to watch out for or necessary customs to keep in mind once you’re there.

There does always feel like a lot of overwhelming information. You just have to weed through it and keep a guideline on the necessities first before worrying about everything else. It’s amazing living abroad just be sure to do your research.

If the answers are good enough for you, establish a final date for the relocation. Also make sure to prepare all the requirements needed for immigration such as a K2 family visa to ensure a hassle-free moving process. Don’t forget to prepare these requirements as early as possible so as to avoid further delays and mishaps as you go. 

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