The various ways legal departments can assist individuals

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The term’ legal system’ can often send a shudder through an individual. It can be daunting, scary or even uncomfortable for some to consider legal action. This is especially the case if you want to bring legal action against someone close to you, whether it be at home or work. Fortunately, the legal system is actually there to help. It’s there to put the bad people away and help out those in need. So much so that the Government invests in the sector to ensure that those who are not as affluent as others are entitled to legal aid when possible and applicable. Here are some cases when legal departments can assist.

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Health and Safety Claims

Often, people will roll their eyes when they hear the term ‘health and safety’. But it is there for a reason. A lot of workers, especially in the construction industry, need to be protected from the hazards and dangers that can often present themselves in the workplace. From falling off a ladder to inadequate fire safety protocols, there are many ways in which an individual can come into harm’s way at work. However, in some cases, an individual will need to make a claim if they are injured at work. Whilst the employer should have had health and safety consultants in the workplace to ensure that all regulations were followed if someone is ruled out of work due to being injured, then they are likely to need legal aid when making a claim.

There are plenty of solicitors who would be happy to help outan individual who has been injured at work. Obviously, it is something that no one would like to happen, but in most cases, it needs to be done.

Discrimination at work

Again, another situation that most people would prefer to avoid, but it is important that victims of discrimination are able to receive the assistance that they need. For some reason that is beyond comprehension to many, some employers may discriminate against an individual due to their race, age, or gender. This isn’t right, and legal assistance is definitely required to help an employee win their case, regardless of how obvious it might be.

A solicitor or lawyer would be able to assist an individual in working out whether they are eligible to win their case and if the harassment and discrimination they received mean they are entitled to certain claims.

As is often the case when it comes to discrimination cases at work, it is a case of proving the allegations rather than disproving them. However, the business would naturally have more resources at its disposal, meaning that it could hire specialists at expensive rates in order to fight its corner. Legal aid solicitors would be able to help individuals who might not have as much cash as the organisation they are coming up against. That’s where a legal department can be of great help to an individual. They would just need to contact the legal department of any solicitors who have expertise in that area.

Domestic abuse cases

Another unpleasant situation that many people find themselves in, but again, it is vital that there are people on hand to assist in these situations. For a victim of domestic abuse, it can be very demoralising, and they could often find themselves in scary circumstances. They might also think that they do not have any help and that they are stuck in the situation. Or, even if they do realise the predicament they are in, a victim might realise they can’t afford legal assistance or won’t want to be dragged through the courts and face their abuser.   

The good news? To stop being harassed by an abuser, you don’t necessarily need to take out a restraining order and go through a court battle. You can, in fact, take out a non-molestation order. This is a judgement that not everybody knows about, and it can save a lot of distress for victims. It is not as severe as a restraining order as it is not technically a criminal offence. However, should the order be broken, then the offender could face jail time. It certainly acts as a deterrent and is easier to gain. All you need is the help of a family law solicitor.

The National Legal Service are a great example of how legal departments and companies can assist in the case of family law. It doesn’t always have to be about who has the most money but more about who has the most compelling argument, as we mentioned in the discrimination case earlier.

Caring for family members

In light of what happened during the coronavirus pandemic, care homes have really struggled to get back to normal. That means that getting care for elderly family members who don’t live at home anymore is a real struggle. However, that’s not the full story. Sometimes legal help will be required if a family member wants to have their family members returned to their care.

If the courts have taken the decision to take a child away from their mother, for example, then they are well within their rights to do that. However, a parent also has the right to get their child or family member discharged from a different type of care and returned back to them. That’s when legal assistance might be required for a single parent who is working all the time but still doesn’t have the finances to fight for it. Relying on the expertise of family law solicitors would help an individual to make a claim. It will still be up to the courts, but at least there will have been a fair attempt.

So as you can see, there are many ways in which legal departments can assist individuals when there are claims to be made. It can be quite daunting to think about tribunals and court cases, but the legal teams will usually be there to help. Sometimes, there are always alternatives to court which can be followed. Make sure you don’t find yourself stuck in a situation when there is always a way out.


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