Buba’s Milestones: Big Boy Bed

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:17 pm

It’s official Buba is in a big boy bed now. Hurray!

It all started with me pulling my back out lifting him in and out of his crib. I know you would think I was doing it for him not me, how very selfish of me. I actually have been planning to do it for sometime but we have been working on potty training and I thought the two of them together might be too much. However, potty training has gone completely the wrong way, so moving forward with his big boy bed just seemed like the next step.

We were sitting in the living room, Missy Moo on my lap and Buba next to me reading stories about Pirate Pete’s Potty and I asked Buba, “should we take the sides off your bed today?” His reply, “Ok, let’s do it Mommy” and jumped off the couch and ran upstairs. I didn’t mean right that second but now is better than any.

IMG_6307RSWe bought the Ikea bed that turns into a mini single bed, versatile is always best. When I went to take the sides off and turn the ends into cute little head and foot boards, silly me couldn’t locate where I placed that special allan key that of course only fits this bed and of course wasn’t  in my special I will never forget place either. Frustration set in and I ended up borrowing a set of allen keys from my best friend next door to try. When I finally found one that fit who would have thought taking it all a part and rebuilding it could be so complicated. The instructions that I had were of no help with pictures on how to convert that made no sense. So even though technically he is in his big boy bed now, it isn’t in the form of this cute mini single bed. I gave up and rebuild it back into a cotbed with just one side off. At least this way it keeps him from ribbing the wallpaper off his wall. In the long run it probably is better this way until he is a bit older and he can’t easily get stuck between the bed and the wall.  Our skirting boards are huge and stick out quite far, making a big gap between the bed and the wall, a perfect gap to get a tossing turning two year old stuck in.

I received lots of advice on what to expect and what to do in various circumstances to prepare me for this next step. Many suggested putting a gate on the door to keep him from running around the house or climbing in our bed. Others said to place cushions on the floor, so if he rolls out of bed, it breaks his fall or buy guard rails to keep him from falling out.

IMG_6308RSOn the first night, Mr. P. and I sat watching him on the monitor screen tossing and turning but not really noticing any difference.  Then these little hands started to waving in the air up and down, faster and faster. You could see he was trying to feel for the bars but they weren’t there. It looked like an eagle trying to take flight.  After a few close calls of falling over because he was reaching out too far he realized there was in fact no more side to his bed. We thought it was only a matter of minutes before he was either out of his bed playing with toys or at the door shouting at us. Luckily neither happened. He went to sleep without a hiccup.  About three a.m. I checked the monitor and he had rolled out of bed and was fast asleep on the floor exactly where he fell. I put him back in his bed and he still didn’t budge. Hurray, first night a success!

The next day I realized he might be good at night, in his new big boy bed because it’s pitch black in his room, so he can’t see across the room where many books and toys sit calling his name to play with. However, naptime could be a different story. It was so sunny that day that his room was lit up completely. I settled him into his big b0y bed and sang his a little, “I am a big boy now,” song. I was so impressed that he didn’t even try to get out and took his nap as normal.

IMG_6304RSIt’s been a week now, still very new but I am so proud of him for transitioning so well, especially when he isn’t the type of child that is good with change. While sat reading him his bedtime stories the other night I felt so many different emotions. Emotions full of proudness and happiness that he is becoming such a big boy now. He is getting to the point where he can handle more independently.  Other emotions full of sadness that he isn’t my baby anymore. I genuinely got tears in my eyes when I first saw him jump onto his new bed. He didn’t need my help anymore. No more picking him up and cuddling him like a baby before I lay him in his crib. It’s so hard to let them grow up!

The best part besides not hurting my back anymore is that he is so proud of himself too. He begs anyone that comes through our front door to come upstairs and see his new big boy bed. A little awkward moment when he asked the mailman, delivering a package but other than that it’s been amazing watching him direct Granddad and Granny into his room and showing it off. Tonight at dinner he even said, “I stay in my big boy bed, I am good.” I couldn’t help but laugh. He really is a good bragger but clearly here I am doing the same, like mother, like son.

Now if only potty training could run more smoothly.

9 thoughts on “Buba’s Milestones: Big Boy Bed”

  1. Well done Buba! H is in her big girl bed now too. We made the transition a little while ago now and much like Buba she is very proud of her bed and loves to show it off to anyone and everyone! It’s a joy to watch. We also had the same decision to make as you, which to start first, potty training or bed transition. We ended up choosing the big girl bed first because H was getting her final molars in she stills gets yucky acid poo, so didn’t think potty training would have been much fun for either of us with that going on! Once again, well done to Buba! Such a clever boy!

    • Hurray for H and her big girl bed too. It’s great when transitioning goes smoothly. I just wish potty training would. Oh good decision on the pt, that wouldn’t have been nice or easy. I also was told they should do big kid beds first so if they need to go to the bathroom when potty training they can easily get out of bed to go. Makes sense now. But I have a long way to go before that with Buba. hahaha

  2. How exciting!!! I’m so glad it worked out so well for you guys…Buba has some independence he can be proud of, and you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself getting him into and out of bed! If only potty training would go that smoothly lol!

    • I know that’s what I said. Each milestones and next stage was so easy with Buba but when it comes to potty training I must have done something really wrong because it’s been hell. He is actually acting like he is scared of his potty. Might have to buy a new one and let him pick it out. Not sure. But he looks so grown up in his big boy bed.

      • Ultimately with Bubby the potty was just a waste of money…he ended up potty training on the big toilet. I let him pick out a seat to keep him from falling in, but he didn’t really want anything to do with the little potty. There are also fun targets that you might try with a little step-stool if you want to go the big toilet route…maybe if he thinks its a game he’ll be more willing to go for it 🙂

        • Ya I have tried that, the cheerios and aiming game etc. He is just being lazy about it. He doesn’t want to stop playing to sit or stand by a potty. I think in June when we are at my mother’s he is going in the yard naked for the whole two months we are there. Teach him how my momma taught all us in the yard! hahahaha Thanks for your advice hun. Fingers crossed it just clicks one day.

  3. Glad it’s going so well, and it’s saving your back! I remember moving Boo from cot to bed and panicking that she’d get out all the time, but no, she was fab! I left potty training for a good while after, until I knew she was ready – I was pregnant with Little Man then and in no mood to mess about!

    • Ya potty training just isn’t going smoothly. I tried when I just had Missy Moo. Potty training and newborn never a good idea. Then I am trying again now but getting no where. He hates his potty.


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