Business Owners Guide to using discount vouchers for Valentine’s Day

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:42 pm

What better way to gain your customers attention than to use gift and discount vouchers. We have all seen the dozens of Valentine’s Day sales promotions that flood the internet come February. There is a good reason for this because they are highly successful for business owners.

The Importance of Gift and Discount Vouchers

With the digital world as it is now, it’s just easier and more effective to get someone a gift or discount voucher. It gives them more freedom to buy whatever they want and when they want. Not everyone knows what they’re special someone wants on Valentine’s Day either. It also relieves the gift giver the stress of finding the perfect gift.

As a business owner you drive more customers to your business offering gift voucher options as well as discount vouchers and codes. Everyone loves to feel like they got a bargain. And you gain loyal customers time and time again because they see you do have sales and promotions unlike other brands that never offer these during holidays.

How Should Business Owners Implement Digital Vouchers

There are so many options as a business owner to get your vouchers to your customers. Hi have put together five simple ways to help get your Valentine’s Day vouchers to your customers.

1. Having them readily available on your website when someone lands on the home page or at the checkout is important. Customers might not know you offer discount vouchers or have gift cards available but this will flag it to them when they shop on your website.

2. Share your gift and discount voucher options via email blasts and newsletters or flyers you might send out on a regular basis. Personalized emails always get more attention and make the customer feel special too.

3. Offering discount vouchers and codes when someone shops for certain amounts on your website or in-store. For example, free shipping or 20% if you spend £100.

4. Make sure to create high quality gift and discount vouchers. We like using PosterMyWall. It’s a graphic design tool that allows businesses to create social media content, posters, flyers, menus, and videos for their online promotional needs. Creating vibrant and eye catching digital vouchers seems like a small step but it makes a huge difference in someone getting it for someone else. It’s got to catch their attention and hold it. PosterMyWall can guide you in creating all your online promotional needs for Valentine’s Day.

5. Use a poster maker to promote your Valentine’s sale too. You want to ensure your Valentine’s Day poster scream high quality as it is in direct relation to your brand and products. Posters in public places and shopping areas are a must. They catch people shopping, out and about, looking for gifts especially during Valentine’s Day.

Making Your Customer Feel Special

If your a business owner you will want to try all the creative ways to please your current customers and gain more customers as you go. Giving the options of not just purchasing your products but allowing your customers to get gift and discount vouchers not just for themselves but as gifts for someone else helps build that bigger community even faster.

As I said everyone wants to feel special and get a bargain. Even if it’s just free shipping, we feel a sense of getting something back from shopping with you. It’s a win-win! Even more so on Valentine’s Day.


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