Luxury Camping tips for beginners

Last updated on September 23rd, 2020 at 02:29 pm

Are you looking for camping tips for beginners? You came to the right place…in comes the era of family glamping.

When I was little we used to go camping all the time. Having grown up in the middle of the woods, it was definitely the old fashion kind of camping with tents, bonfires and usually along side a lake or a river.

Did you ever go camping in a tent? It’s hardcore. When it rains, you wake up cold, damp or worse wet if the tent leaked which ours always did. You had to be sure to lock up all the food tight so the bears and cougars didn’t give you unwanted visits.

Fast forward a few decades, we still love the great outdoors and camping with our own kids just with a little more style and amenities at hand. We will share with you how to plan your first camping trip for beginners for a more luxurious, family glamping experience.

Campsites used to be a wooded forest with a river or lake nearby. There would be man-made roads through it so you had spaces to park and pitch your tent up or park your caravan/motorhome. With luxury camping it’s a whole new experience and look for campsites. They are called camping villages and they will satisfy the need for outdoor vacations but taking care of your daily living needs in comfort.

Welcome to the age of family glamping!

Camping tips for beginners Family Glamping

Here are our Luxury Camping Tips for Beginners!

You don’t have to rough it to enjoy the great outdoors. I know so many people that love nature and being outdoors but they don’t want to sleep on the cold, ground in a tent. In the past they have missed out on waking up with the birds chirping around them, the smell of fresh morning dew on the grass, and that firewood crackle on the dinner bonfire at night. Camping is such a great experience.

So where to start when planning your next family glamping trip?

1. Pick a style of camping you want to experience

Maybe you want to look out to the Sea? Perhaps listen to the River run by you? The Mountains or Country might be more your thing. Whatever style of camping you are looking for this is where you start your planning.

2. Pick your accommodations

Do you want to have a covered pool available or perhaps evening entertainment? What kind of accommodations do you need? This will determine what camp-village style you want. We are teaming up with Camp-village sites like Yelloh! Village who offer numerous camping village styles to suit your needs. They have a plethora of campsites in Portugal, France, and Spain.

Yelloh! Village is a great example of how far camping has come! They really have thought of everything in terms of luxury camping. Their services include free-of-charge access to…

  • Entry to kids’ clubs and children’s entertainment
  • Sports grounds
  • Evening entertainment
  • Sports events* Thi
  • Entry to aquatic park
  • Entry to public bathroom facilities

With wifi, baby gear, household linens, and cleaning services available to rent you won’t have to over stuff the car to on your next camping trip. So make sure you check out what your campsites have to offer you when you are planning your trip.

Do you have other needs like campsites that are geared up for wheelchairs? Make sure you check with your campsite before booking.

3. Transportation to campsite

Are you flying or driving to your campsite location? It’s easy when your location is close enough to pack the car up and go. But when you want to camp in other countries it’s good to check if you need to rent a car to get around or can you get a taxi or bus service to the site and not need the car after that. We are off to Italy and can’t wait to try a campsite out there but we had to make sure we could get there without renting a car as once we are onsite we know we won’t need the car.

4. Check out your camping villages amenities and services

Do you need to book linens for the beds? Or perhaps the cleaning service for when you depart. It’s still camping there is no hotel service that does it for free. We may be glamping these days but there are some things you need to make sure to either bring or sort out before you get to your campsite.

How about booking for any services or entertainment before you get there? Some campsites can be very popular and very busy so don’t miss out by waiting to research and plan wen you get there do it beforehand. I always have an idea of what we want to do throughout our trip.

5. What to pack?

This always seems to be the most burden-some task for most campers but with luxury camping it isn’t a big deal if you forget something because 9 times out or 10 you will be able to get it from the camp village or have them sort it out for you. That’s the beauty of camping in the 21st century. It has perks! You no longer have to bring everything including the kitchen sink…HOORAY!

So pack the family games because you don’t need to worry about the linens if you booked them with your campsite. Don’t worry about the baby pack and play because you booked that too. Safe the space in your suitcase and car for things that will make your camping experience that much more memorable.

Don’t forget to pack the most important item: the camera!!! Now, enjoy camping like you have never camped before or maybe you haven’t but there is always a first time for everything. Just don’t make it your last, it’s truly a great holiday for the whole family to enjoy together.

Why take the family glamping?

Why not enjoy the finer things in life on the road? Out in the wilderness? Next to a river or on a mountain. You can have the best of both worlds with mother nature showing you how beautiful she can be and you not missing that comfortable bed to sleep on.

As a first timer to the idea of camping villages, what are your first thoughts? Why not try one this summer with your family using our camping tips for beginners you can’t go wrong for a fun filled family holiday in the great outdoors.

Camping tips for beginners Family Glamping


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