How to shop for the “Best Ever Fit” Jeans

How to shop for the best ever fit jeans…read on to find out!

Jeans are a staple item of your wardrobe but how many of you ever dread buying new jeans? Yes, me too. It’s the one thing in my wardrobe I love the most but the one thing that gives me the most grief when shopping around for the best fit. Everyone struggles with finding that perfect pair that fit your own body just right because we are all so differently shaped.

For me, I am short so most jeans are far too long for me even the short ones are generally too long. Also I am petite but have a bubble bum and some good athletic thighs those things don’t always fit together in a pair of jeans. I get weird material bunching up in random areas and then gaps at the back, saggy material between the thighs because there is too much material and it’s just a frustrating process to shop for jeans for me.

I was very excited to team up with Marks and Spencers’ for their new “Best Ever Fit” jeans campaign. Introducing Ivy, Lily and Sienna into your life. These three know jeans and make it easy for you to shop for those best ever fitted jeans you have been searching for.

  • The Ivy Skinny that works with everything
  • The Lily Slim with a leg-lengthening slim fit
  • The Sienna Straight with a flattering, versatile fit

I am sure you fit into one of these categories above. I know I am an Ivy girl. With each pair coming in super soft, figure flattering denim with a no-gape waist, in a choice of authentic washes and three different fits, what girl wouldn’t find her match here?

So how to shop for the Best Ever Fit Jeans?

You can’t go wrong with what style of jeans you wear. It’s all about how you feel in your jeans. What is comfortable to you is your first priority in shopping for your best ever fit jeans so start there. How does it feel when you walk in them? Sit in them?

Once you worked out your body shape, next is what jean wash do you love the most? Look at the washes available, there are so many choices. Do you like the light wash, medium indigo wash, dark wash, or perhaps you prefer white or black wash jeans? The best thing is, you can’t have too many pairs of jeans. I know I am drawn to either dark wash jeans or white jeans usually. But I do love all the washes, these two just happen to be what I own the most of. I know what you’re thinking white jeans and three children, she is crazy! Can’t help what I love! So this time I went for the Medium Indigo Wash.

That’s it folks, how to shop for the best ever fit jeans is two easy decisions, choose your style and choose your wash! Now isn’t that easy jean shopping experience ever?

Now how to style your Best Ever Fit Jeans…

Wondering whether to buy cropped, cuffed or regular jeans? These days you don’t have to buy a separate pair of jeans cropped cut, cuffed or long pant legs. I love rolling my skinny jean hem up for a cuff look or double roll for a cropped jeans style. In doing so, I am creating three different cut styles with one pair of jeans. It really does change the look of an outfit. Spring/Summer I tend to roll my jean legs up for a cropped look, Autumn I tend to just turn up the pant leg just once for a casual look and if I want to wear them “out, out” or more formal and in Winter I keep them down.

I love a good ballet pump or open ankle boot with my Ivy Skinny jeans. It shows off which pant leg style above I decide to go with too. The double roll pant leg for me always looks best with the ankle boot. The pant leg keep all the way down is better paired with a ballet pump or flat shoe for casual or heels for those formal times.

Your world is your wardrobe when it comes to styling tops with your jeans. You can go wild here as there is no right or wrong answer between blouses, t-shirts, or sweaters. I love bright, bold colors with dark wash jeans and patterns with black or white wash jeans. For those light wash jean lovers, I think they look best with pastels, greys, or more neutral tops.

I have styled these Ivy Skinny Medium Indigo jeans with a black and white oversize shirt and brown suede peep toe ankle boot. I love the comfortable of blouses tucked into my rolled up jeans and ankle boots to show my painted toes off and accent the rolled up cuff. They work really well together like this. What do you think of my outfit?

What do I think of M&S new “Best Ever Fit” jeans?

They are the softest jeans I have ever worn, hands down. They feel like those lovely t-shirt material that you feel in the shop and buy the top just because it feels so soft not because you like the color. I know I am not the only person that has done this! Speak up!

They have stretch and give to them so you are comfortable all day. No more digging into your belly come the end of the day where you just want to unbutton the button already. You know those jeans, you love them but man you can’t wait to get those ones off when you get home. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with the Ivy, Lily or Sienna. They are kind to you.

The Ivy Skinny jeans have washed really great. I got the Medium Indigo wash and sometimes the vibrant blue can fade but so far these have washed really well.

How do they actually fit?

They really have thought about every comfort from not being too tight on the stomach or buttoning too high or too low. They come to just under my belly button preventing that gap at the back too. They don’t press into my stomach like other high waisted jeans have in the past.

These are short pant length as I am 5″2′. Normally I have to hem my jeans because I am short. I am a size 8 in jeans. Here my Ivy Skinny jeans are size 8 but I do think I could have gone to a size 6 as there was still a lot of room in the waist and inner thighs so in my eyes they run slightly big because they are stretching and give when you sit.  But that’s what makes them so comfortable. The extra room was great to style though because it left room for me to tuck my oversize blouse in and a sweater in too. So it depends on how you wear your jeans super tight or with room?

Go on, pop into M&S and try on the Ivy, Lily and Sienna and see what suits your style, personality and most importantly your body shape. It will be the easiest jeans shopping experience you ever had.

Which jeans suit you best?

* In Collaboration with M&S, we were sent the ivy super skinny jeans, blouse and ankle boots for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photos are my own. 

5 thoughts on “How to shop for the “Best Ever Fit” Jeans”

  1. They look great on you! I haven’t worn jeans in a couple of years as I really struggle with shape and comfort. I’d love to find a pair that really fit. (Love that shirt too!)

    • Oh Colette, I bet you would love the Sienna M&S Jeans try them! So comfortable they fit like leggings without that jegging look to them. The shirt is a new fave I must say.

  2. They look great on you Jenny. I love an ankle grazer as I just find the shorter leg suits my leg shape. I switch between a skinny and straight leg fit

  3. Oh gosh I HATE shopping for jeans. When I find a pair that actually work for me I wear them to death. I’m on the lookout for some new ones at the moment so I’ll have to have a look – it sounds like the Ivy would be the ones for me too. I always get the gaping at the back which drives me crazy and I like low rise jeans too which are few and far between these days with the high-waisted fashion that seems to be ‘in’ at the moment. Love that you say they are soft too – I can’t stand jeans that feel stiff. I think I need a trip to Marks And Spencer!


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