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Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:29 am

As a blogger, I am usually the one behind the camera. The one that is chasing after the kids and following the husband around with a camera in my hand. Regrettably, for the first few years of blogging, I didn’t even take many photos of me and the kids together. It got me thinking, why? 

Why is getting comfortable in front of the camera so hard? Whether you are vlogging or blogging, being in front of the camera can be nerve racking, daunting, and something you avoid at all cost. But it does hold you back in this industry, and this is how I felt too. I wanted to vlog regularly for the longest time but hated the sound of my own voice. We also are our own worse critics. I am no different. I hate how fast I talk in my vlogs too. When it came time to sharing a fashion post which are my absolute favorite, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin in front of the camera. I kept thinking how do I pose naturally without making that facial expression that looks like I am either done something in my pants or the pout that makes me look like I have duck lips. Neither, are a good look for a fashion shot or any shot for that matter.

Some people just take photos better naturally like those instagrammers that you lust over their pose as much as their outfit. However, for those that are like me, and find it very unnatural, I have found it takes practice and a support system to overcome it. I have tried taking photos of myself which is not an ease task because you are shooting blind. I was told to try this first before I had a friend take photos. In my opinion, I would have a very supportive, blunt, good friend take your photo in various places and poses, first. This means you can find what your natural look is what works for you and you have someone to say do this, don’t do that before you start trying to blindly snap up fashion shots of yourself. 

I am very lucky over the years of blogging to have had a huge support system to thank for helping me finally get in front of the camera. It took four years and only recently do I feel better about my photo being taken solo. I never had a problem with photos with me and the husband or kids, it’s easy when you have distractions. Having your photo taken in public, solo, while people walk by in the park is a whole different experience. 

I have to give huge credit to KA from Life as Our Little Family for really taking my confidence in front of the camera to the next level over the past few months. We have met up a few times for a playdate with our kids. The first time we had the kids together, I was doing a fashion post for Laura Ashley blog. We had a long conversation about how I felt in front of the camera. She agreed to take some photos of me for my post and I took some of her in return.

Right away, she made me feel so relaxed because she said, “Just be you”. That sounds so simple but it’s true. For so long, I was trying to pose like all those instagrammers but those poses don’t work for me. My face isn’t one of those that looks good puckering up like a duck or looking serious right into the camera lens. I am a natural smiler. I have smile lines that speak for themselves. I am constantly laughing and smiling so I started doing that in my photos and felt instantly comfortable. KA also is a good friend of mine so when she said a pose didn’t look good on me, I trusted her and went with it or vice versa when she recommended I tried something else, I tried it. We have met up a few times now and each time I feel like I have new found love for the camera on the front side as much as I do behind it. 

Its a long way from fashion magazine poses or knowing what works and doesn’t completely but the most important thing is feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. Here in these photos the outfit isn’t anything special just my spring style with the funky sandals, skinny jeans and a floral flowing tank top and white cardy. I wear this combo a lot in the transition between spring and summer.  More importantly though in these photos I look comfortable in my own skin. I look like me. I never felt like that before. There is no uneasiness in them like my previous photos. 

I am hoping the more I practice the more I can start to share my love for fashion and my love for putting outfit styles together. I also am hoping it opens more doors for me in blogging and vlogging. I loved working with Laura Ashley for my fashion post and I look forward to working with other brands in the future too. Hopefully this will roll into getting more confident in my vlogging and stop judging myself so harshly.

I think “judging ourselves” is the number on thing that stops us all from stepping out of our comfort zone when it comes to solo photos or vlogging. Once I stopped comparing myself to the fashionistas of the world and just was myself, I felt instantly better for it. I am learning that goes a long further than just getting comfortable in front of the camera but in blogging all around. I am looking forward to a few changes coming up for Let’s Talk Mommy and just looking at what I love, who I am and stop judging myself so much and last but not least by a long shot stop comparing my blog to other blogs. 

What door would open for you if you got comfortable in front of the camera as much as behind it? Would you start vlogging or share your inner fashionista like me? Perhaps, it would just help you capture more photos of your beautiful family with you in it or one on one with your kids? Either way, get a friend to help you start your confidence. They can help you find your style, your pose, what looks most like you and let them be brutally honest that is the key.


6 thoughts on “Getting comfortable in front of the camera”

  1. Aww Jenny you look lovely in these photos, you are so welcome and I am glad that you are starting better. I will forever look at the big fblogger IG pages and dream of looking like them in their photos. We just need a practice shoot every month and we’ll be there in no time! I would love to start vlogging but for now there is no chance x

  2. Wow these photos are stunning Jenny! It’s so hard not to compare but you’re right, being yourself is the key! Xx

    • It really is but it was eating me a live and I was working so hard for something that wasn’t me or steering me in the wrong direction and I feel a sense of relief over it. Just being me and happy with that is like a ton of bricks off my shoulders. Only took me a few 32 years to get there. lol


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