Zoomed in moments #lifecloseup

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:28 am

Another week has come and gone and I sit here on this frosty Sunday evening pouring over so many amazing #lifecloseup captures. I am so excited new people are joining in everyday. It’s only the second week and already I am hooked on everyone’s ‘zoomed in moments’. 

I think when we are photographing our days out, our children, or anything that takes our fancy from food, interiors to travel  and fashion, we sometimes miss the little details. We look at the photo as a whole instead of really focusing on one or two details within the frame. I have been trying my best to get up close and personal in my photos as much as the whole picture. I am starting to capture facial expressions, and more details than ever before since I started my little hashtag #lifecloseup (an instagram community). I hope you all are enjoying zooming in for your own captures as well. This is a community for everyone to join in, share, and no expectations. I love sharing my favorite instagrammers and it’s already becoming hard to only choose nine each week as more people join in. zoomed in moments #lifecloseup instagram community

gingerlillytea    joyinthemeantime  coffeeworksleep 

littlewoodlife   dayinthelifephotography   __ka_terina__  

erin_vincent35  inthehartofneverland   lifewithmuncher

If you didn’t catch the first week, here is the low down. You just tag your zoomed in moments with #lifecloseup. I would love to see just as many baby spamming as I would food, interiors, travel and fashion so go on let’s get snapping and tagging. I share nine favorites every Sunday night. You don’t have to be a blogger to join in. It’s a great way to get new people to your instagram feed and share the love. 

Here are some of my favorite zoomed in moments this week of my own. What do you think? I was getting festive, being cozy and snuggling with the kids a lot this week since we had the frosty weather outside. We did manage an afternoon of muddy puddle jumping too. Who doesn’t love that? Instagram is one of my favorite social medias and I am still trying to work out how it all actually works, the stats can be perplexing at times but overall I still come back to it time and time again to share my support, love for photography and friends. 

zoomed in moments #lifecloseup instagram community

Do you love snapping up your everyday life? Why not come share it on instagram with so many others doing the same? For those zoomed in moments hashtag #lifecloseup. I think being a part of an instagram community is really fun and challenges your photography style and skills too. I love trying different angles, styles, lighting, and types of photos. I would love to see yours as well. Don’t forget to click the follow button below to follow me on instagram but please know you don’t have to follow me to join in #lifecloseup. 

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    • Oh it really is the best way to find more. I have found loads already that I am completely in awe of just in two weeks of this hashtag community. It’s been such a great experience and I adore instagram. Look forward to seeing you there lovely.


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