How will 2016 trends inspire my home decor?

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:28 am

DiningRoomIt’s no secret here at Let’s Talk Mommy that I love redecorating my home. As each season passes and each holiday approaches you can see a vast change in my home accessories that flood my house. Everything seems to be on a constant rotating schedule from shelf to shelf, room to room and season to season. I love so many different interior styles it’s hard to stick to one for very long without wanting change. I am one of those rare people that love change, thrive on it and love adapting to the new. Many people decorate each room in a check list kind of way and when they finish one room they move onto the next until their home, in their eyes, is complete. I am the opposite.

This year, we have changed and added quite a bit to our home. Now that my toddlers are getting older it’s easier to decorate with the things that I want and not what is safest, cheapest, and up high enough for them to not reach. We redecorated our living room, B’s big boy bedroom, and added a breakfast bar and new tiles in the kitchen on a tight budget. I am huge fan of selling home decor on ebay that I don’t want anymore to buy new items for the house so that I am never wasting money. Call me resourceful!

There are so many things I still want to see changed and add to our family home in the coming year. Our sofas are one of those things that need changing, desperately. We have kept our dingy small sofas while our kids were babies. There have been one too many spills, drops, and accidents on them but now as they get older I can start researching what would look best not what was durable. I think light cream leather sofas would look amazing in our living room. It would brighten the room up as there isn’t a lot of natural light and it would match the color scheme we have already. I also think leather is easier to keep clean than cloth and last longer too.

MM is getting to the stage where she will need a big girl bed and a more mature bedroom to go with it in the coming year. This is what happens with two kids so close in age, when one grows out of the crib, the other one is right behind them. I daresay 2016 will find us redecorating her room and selling off her nursery furniture. It’s the very furniture that B spend his first year in too. It will be an emotional day when that day comes. I envision vibrant colors for MM’s big girl room as she has a vibrant personality. I love making each of the kids’ room very personal. Something like this below would suit her perfectly. I absolutely adore this Polka Flock Pink Wallpaper below. Adding a little mint green with it would make it chic and fit for a princess.

Graham & Brown Little Girls Bedroom

I look forward to seeing what the trends of 2016 will bring in home and interior decor. I can’t wait to be inspired by the new styles and themes that come out. It’s one of my favorite things to look forward to in the New Year. I am sure rooms in my home will evolve and change with the trends as much as they do with the seasons.

How will 2016 inspire your home decor? Do you have any redecorating projects lined up for the new year? Will it be a new leather sofa or a change in wallpaper, either way whatever you are gearing up to decorate check out my pinterest boards for more home inspiration to help you along your way.

We have enjoyed being apart of Graham & Brown’s ambassador group this year. I have had so much fun sharing my love for home decor and styling this year and can’t wait to share more again next year.

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3 thoughts on “How will 2016 trends inspire my home decor?”

  1. We also need to sort out our sofas. Ours are about 15 years old, saggy, faded and tatty, but like you didn’t want to change while N was young. Carpets also need changing, kitchen could really do with putting in a good one (properly), and I’m convinced we’ve got pointing problems over the front door. I’d like to put on a porch as well to have room for coats and shoes and to protect the front door. Really the whole house needs doing, but I’d need to win the lottery for that!

    • Set a project a year could help darling. At least you have your list and can work throughout now. Start small and work your way to bigger things that’s what we did when we redid the old house. Our carpets need burned too eeek kids are hard on houses.


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