Crafting with the kids for Father’s Day

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:15 pm

Only one more day until that special day, families across the globe celebrate Father’s Day! Before I had kids, it was always a day to pay tribute to my own father for always being there for me and guiding me through life with so much love and support. Now, having two kids of my own, I still pay tribute to my own father but it’s a whole new world of getting creative and thinking what can the kids do for their own Dad.

Obviously, homemade gifts always touch the heart more and are cherished longer than store bought ones that usually line the trash a week later. This year, it’s the first Father’s Day that we have two kids, so I wanted a project they both would enjoy and could do together. Have you heard of the Oxo Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher? Well, it’s not just for easily mashing those spuds up for dinner anymore, it also makes an excellent painting tool.
oxototcraftsI bought some coloured paper for the pound shop for our Father’s Day project. I was excited to do our very first painting project together as a family. I was a bit nervous doing such a messy project with a baby and a toddler, by myself but I really want to surprise Mr P on Sunday. *don’t worry he is banned from reading my blog until tomorrow. Using washable crayola paint, made it easy to clean up. It wiped right off the hardwood floors and the kids hands easily, in seconds.

At first we had no plan of action but to paint, get messy and have fun but slowly images and characters started forming in our master pieces. I will admit we did have a few licks of paint and attempts to stamp the couch instead of the paper but overall it went really great. bubafatherdayBuba loves painting and was so excited when he woke up from his nap to find a painting project waiting for him. I think he loved it the most. I had more freedom with Buba’s Father’s Day master piece, as I could advise him to stamp in various colours and in various places on the paper to create images.

The kids love doing new things together, especially Missy Moo. It doesn’t take her long to watch her big brother doing something and catch on and Buba is always quick to steer her back on track if she gets sidetracked. missyfatherdaysI let Missy Moo watch her brother make his Father’s Day pictures for Daddy, first, then allowed her to have a try. I was too nervous to let them both loose at the same time. She did really well too, I was impressed. I had to guide her from the plate to the paper but she knew to stick it back on the plate for more paint.

I love my little crafters.

There is always something so special about watching your children making something meaningful for a loved one. To see their faces light up when they are finished and step back to take in their accomplishment, is a great moment to watch.


I took a sharpie when the kids’ pictures had dried, just to add a little extra touch. Buba was most impressed with his Oxo Masher Monster, Missy Moo did a fab job on her Oxo Good Grips Masher flowers and I really loved my Oxo Masher heart.

Using the Oxo Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher as a crafting tool makes it easy for young kids like mine to paint. The broad soft handle made it easy for both the kids to press the paint to paper.


Here is a treat, to give Daddy something that would last a little longer than paintings and homemade cards, I made a little collage using PicMonkey, had it printed at Tesco and put in a frame using four of his favouite photos. I think it will be a perfect addition for his office. *excuse the blur, removed kids’ names. We don’t usually buy presents for each other from the kids but I thought this turned out great and didn’t cost a fortune. A small thoughtful, thank you to my husband for being such a loving and amazing Father to our two kids!

cardHere is the homemade card Buba made from nursery for Daddy too! Mommy sneakily added Missy Moo’s name too! Cards are so much more thoughtful made from the heart.

There you have it, our Father’s Day craft projects for Mr P for Sunday! It was a great day of crafts and family time spent together. It’s these moments that having kids makes it so much more magical and special.

What have you been creating for this upcoming special day? What do you think of my creations here with the kids?

* I was sent the Oxo Masher and paint for the purpose of this post but the photos and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Crafting with the kids for Father’s Day”

  1. We don’t really do any painting as N gets bored once it’s all out. Thankfully he gets to do it at nursery and make a mess there…well, on rare occasions. He’d rather play with the sand and water.

    Love the frame, so sweet and nice colourway too. #magicmoments

  2. What a great way to use the Potato masher!! I am an avid lover of Oxo Products even I’d never thought of doing this with their products! haha

    • Thanks Fiona. Had to get the creative juices flowing! lol I may not have all the craft supply in the world but everyone has a potato smasher. hahahaha


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