Personalised gifts for special occasions

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:15 pm

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, a special occasion, that comes once a year, where fathers around the world get to be spoiled, sleep in late, go golfing, or do whatever it is they want to as their reward for being so great! If you follow my blog regularly, you will know I am huge fan of personalised gifts. If I can put a name or lovely message from the heart on something, I will.

When special occasions come up on my calendar, whether it be birthdays, mother/father’s days, christening, weddings, anniversaries, the first thing I think of is, what would be a useful present? A present that they will use or see, day in and day out. Then when I have an idea, I look at how can I personalise it. Everyone loves a personalised gift, seeing their own name branded on something shiny and beautiful. Or reading a heartfelt message across something equally as amazing. What’s not to love?

My sister has a big milestone birthday coming up, and I have my eye on a few personalised gifts for her. She loves music boxes, after seeing this gorgeous one from the Bradford Exchange I fell it love. It would be a perfect present for her to use on a daily basis for her watch and rings or her keys near the front door. Something that could display a meaningful message to her, from me, over and over.

Personalized music box

And in full Let’s Talk Mommy mode, we all know I like to stay busy, busy and plan ahead, I am looking for a personalised present for a friend back home. I am loving this absolutely stunning Bradford Exchange personalised ring. So much so, I might even buy myself a matching one, like a friendship ring! The detail is beautiful.

Personalized Rings

Whatever the special occasion is, I always say think outside the box and get it personalised! You would be amazed at how many various kinds of presents you can personalised these days! I once had a pair of pjs personalised for a friend with her initials on the back. She loved them and still wears them to this day even against my pleas to burn it so I can buy her a new one.

Is someone’s birthday, wedding, christening, anniversary, or special day coming up? Check out Bradford Exchange to get more personalised gift ideas! You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. What a fantastic idea! Nothing is better than having a personalized gift. Why should personalized gifts only be for weddings? Anybody celebrating something can potentially give out something like this.


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