{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #27

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:15 pm

My toddler has turned into a hypercondriac. I don’t know where it came from but he is in full, “I need a doctor quick” mode this week.

As he gets older he is becoming more aware of things like freckles, bruises, spots, you name it. He is always intrigued when I am cutting my nails, or his and Missy Moo’s, constantly asking for a narrative. I don’t mind giving the narrative either… “I cut your nails to keep them clean, tidy and prevent scratching.” I say. When I give him or his sister a bath, I have to explain why I scrub between their toes. “I clean your toes to get the sock fluff and toe jam out”. The narratives go on so it’s my fault when my 2 1/2 year old thinks he now needs a doctor 24/7 if mommy can’t keep up with these things or things I can’t fully explain. 

“I need a doctor Mommy…my toenails are growing”.

“I need a doctor Mommy…my finger hurts”.

“I need a doctor Mommy…there is toe jam in my toes and it’s not bath time”.

“I need a doctor Mommy…my belly needs help”.

“I need a doctor Mommy… my poo is too big”.

“I need a doctor Mommy… to tell him I don’t like my dinner”.

“I need a doctor Mommy…there are on monsters in this dvd”. *pointing to Monster University

“I need a doctor Mommy…to clean my glasses”.

“Mommy, quick I need a doctor”... what for? “because I just really do”.

He really does think a doctor will solve everything at a moments notice and bless him he has had his fair share of doctor visits in his short life due to allergies, asthma and the like. To him, it just makes sense the doctor should help with everything else. He even gets excited in the car and when we drive by our doctor’s office and says, “hi doctor,” waving, “we going to the doctors today Mommy?”

My all time favorite phrase this week though came at the perfect moment, we were all sat in the living room before bed the other night and Mr P was telling Buba to do something and in his normal toddler way he was whining about not wanting to do it. Then I heard, “No Daddy, Mommy is the boss!” Well he made a very good point there, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 

Buba has the best memory too, at 2 1/2 years old, you can ask him where he put something two weeks ago and I am not joking when I say he will remember it’s exact location. So many times he has answered our rhetorical questions to our surprise. So when I asked myself, where have I put my phone, the other day, and he replied, “It be here somewhere, try the couch!” After chortling a few times, I realized he was in fact right. We once lost his Chick Hicks car in a soft play area andfor two weeks he kept telling us its under the yellow slide. I had no idea what he was talking about but when we came back to that particular soft play area, he ran to the slide that was yellow and pointed under it and there it was, dust and all. Buba’s memory amazes me, or just makes me feel plain old that my own brain doesn’t work that good. He is quick to remind me that I forgot to brush my hair on a daily basis. So many it really is the latter. 

But whatever he comes out with, at least it has us all laughing and talking about it. Learning to talk is my favorite stage of being a toddler. 

Are your kids saying funny things? Would love to hear them, comment below. 


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10 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #27”

  1. Ha ha brilliant! F is exactly the same, always showing me his battle scars, even if they are so tiny you can hardly see them,
    Today he said to me ‘Mummy do you mind if i cut you with my knife if i do it very careful?’

  2. We have a similar issue with the dr. There was a point we were having weekly dr’s/hospital visits between me and my 2 girls and even now it’s still fortnightly between us all! They love the dr sugery and think it’s a fun day out!

  3. Aw that is so cute!! My eldest had a doctor obsession too and he only had to have the smallest thing wrong with him and he would be demanding to be taken to casualty. Bless him, I’m glad your son know who the boss is.

    • hahaha I know me too on the boss thing. Especially as he thinks the world of his daddy and it’s always about Daddy. At least I am in there at the right point. lol This doctor obsession is hilarious.

  4. He really does have a great memory for someone so small! Minxy told me the other day the apartment number we stayed in while in Cyprus 2010 – she was spot on and I have no idea how she remembered.

    The next time I have to eat carrots I may also call the doctor 😉 x

    • hahha Emma wouldn’t it be nice to have their memories. lol Yes I think calling the doctor for eating carrots is very valid. lol That is brilliant she remembered the number. They are machines! I swear sometimes.

  5. How amazing Chick Hicks was still there! I remember when my little boy was Cars crazy and we tried to collect them all.

    It was lovely to meet you briefly on Friday. xx

    • Yes lovely to meet you too. Wish I had more time to talk and get to know everyone I met and more!!! Thanks I know couldn’t believe it was still there. Lucky us.


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