Love the little things #24

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:59 am

Happy Friday my lovely followers!

I would just like to say thank you to all those that stop by and say hello each week. I am loving all the engagement going on at here at L.T.M. I will soon be blogging from state side and while I am so very excited for my upcoming two months in my homeland, I am nervous to not be as involved with all the bloggers and their lovely blogs. If you have followed me long you will know I will still try my best to keep up! So please bare with me and my craziness over the next two weeks while I prepare to travel with a baby and a toddler, solo across America. 

I am linking up to the fabulous Butwhymummywhy, and her weekly linky of the #littleloves. A linky I have grown to love along with so many others, to share our love for the little things in life that make it that much more amazing.


I have been reading blogs galore! I am on a mission over the next two weeks to comment and read as many blogs as I can, full of variety, to help counteract my lack of involvement in the coming months.

I also been reading really inspiring blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers on how they turned blogging into their career, something I am striving to do now someday for myself. 

Honest Mum – My Career as a Professional Blogger is a fantastic post. Vicky has done so many amazing things in the last few years with her blog. 

More Than Toast – Blogging As a Business is really inspiring. She is an amazing mother of two, and works so very hard on top of it all. 

And what’s blog reading without a few funny posts too. 

Wry Mummy – Why We Are Fussy Easters. I love her posts, and week after week she always has me in stitches. I could have listed all of her posts here to share.  


Mr P and I watched the Wolf of Wall Street with good ole Leonardo D in it! Wasn’t my kind of movie I will be honest. Too much sex, drugs, and fowl play going on for this country girl. I think I may have even opened the laptop half way through and just listened to the rest. I can’t believe someone actually lived like that.  


It’s really what the two tots are wearing this week as I didn’t want to bore you all with another scarf! lol I am loving Buba and Missy Moo’s new summer wardrobe for our upcoming trip. Thank you Cheshire Oaks for having the bargains of a lifetime. Buba is strutting the Ralph Lauren in true RL style with the blonde curls and Missy Moo’s adorning the adorable Ted Baker ensemble with toes pointed, ballerina style. I would never spend a fortune on my kids outfits unless it was a huge special occasion but at a tenner for Buba’s outfit and eleven pound fifty for MM’s why not? Cheshire Oaks is great for having last minute blow out sales even on new stock! If you live close, you must check it out.  silbingsjune2


The Shires – Nashville Grey Skies

A lovely twitter follower recommended this to me knowing I am a huge country fan. If you haven’t checked out some of my favorite country songs, check out my “Music to my ears” section. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is this gal’s.


Summer is upon us, and I love a good recipe that is light and easy to whip together. Cajun Chicken & Grilled Zucchini Rice Bowls are one of my favorites this time a year. Click the photo for the recipe!cajunchickenricebowl

And lastly…

I am off to #Blognix tomorrow in Birmingham. I can’t wait. I have so much to learn and feel like I can get more practice at being pretending to be a blogger before the big BritMums Live next weekend! I am excited to meet more of my favorite bloggers in Birmingham and excited to get to hear Capture by Lucy speak again along with some other new faces to me. 


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23 thoughts on “Love the little things #24”

  1. Oh Jenny, everything is just so beautiful every week on your Little Things! I love the littles outfits – so sweet! Your rice bowl looks divine – so healthy and fresh – and I’m in awe of you travelling so far on your own with the kiddies. Very brave lady! 🙂 So excited to meet you next week – I may want to bring you home with me!! Xxx

    • Thanks Emma. You are so sweet. I can’t wait to be back home but exciting things going on before then. Can’t wait to meet you next week too! Seeing where you live I will gladly come willingly!! lol :0

  2. You certainly are a very brave lady flying solo with two kiddies. It’s the airport I find the hardest trying to get through all the check points without a toddler trying to run off!
    I love the kids outfits, so gorgeous. We’re supposed to be off to Cheshire Oaks tomorrow so may have to take a peek. Actually, quick question, did you get Missy Moo’s outfit from the Ted Baker shop (I know that sounds stupid, but I’ve never seen childrens clothes in there)
    Your rice bowl looks delicious!
    Have a wonderful time at Blognix tomorrow, you are such a busy bee! Have a wonderful week lovely xxx

  3. Ooh yum, that dinner looks delish, will be checking out the recipe that’s for sure.
    I’ve not been to Cheshire Oaks for ages, well over due a little look I think!
    Enjoy Blognix, can’t wait to hear all about it xx

  4. I’ve read every one of those blog posts Jenny and completely agree on all counts. I found the ‘how to make money from your blog’ ones so interesting. Not sure I’ll ever get to that point but a girl can dream! So exciting to hear of your travels – I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time, don’t get too stressed about keeping up with your blog though x x

  5. I’ve never heard of Blognix but it sounds like another great opportunity to get some good tips! The chicken dish looks like the kind of meal I would really like to eat at this time of year and i love zucchini so I might just try that out! I love your scarves – can never have to many scarf recommendations! 🙂 X #Littleloves

  6. Love the kids outfits. Cheshire Oaks is so much better than our local outlet Bicester Village. Ours is full of super designer gear that even outlet prices are ridiculous. Cheshire Oaks is a bit more reasonable price and accessibility wise.

    Love country music too – although don’t listen to that much. So nice to find new tracks

  7. Wow you are amazing travelling on your own with two smallies!I’m going to London in Sept and still debating whether to take Amelia or not,and it’s only an hour! Love the new pretty outfits xxx

    • Thank you!!! Yes, but I started right when I had my first, he was only a few weeks and did it every few months so he is so used to it. But with my daughter I didn’t have the chance until now and she is 1 years old so i don’t think she will be as good! eeek

  8. Thanks for the blog recommendations. I’m finding some great blogs from this linky.

    Don’t envy you travelling long-haul with two kiddies on your own having done three trips with a toddler and a husband and still being frazzled. Still, will be good to be with your family at the end of it.

    Think we have the same taste in music (loved the song) and movies (couldn’t wait for it to be over).

    Have a good weekend.

    • hahaha That’s funny Emma, we sound very similar. Glad you like the linky and are getting to read some fab blogs. It is so great to hear as that is my mission. Get all us fab bloggers in one place, reading fab posts in one place. Thank you, yes I will let you know if I survive.

  9. So looking forward to next week! It will be lovely to meet you in person.
    You have got to love a bit of Cheshire Oaks haven’t you- so many great deals to be had. We are off to Ibiza in October so will head down to get the summer stuff at the end of the season.
    Enjoy Birmingham!

    • Oh yes cheshire oaks is amazing. My birthday is on Boxing Day and I usually save up and go shopping all day with mr p there. Such great deals.

  10. Thanks for the shout out and lovely words, so glad you enjoyed the post-have fun tomorrow, can’t wait to meet you at BMLive -I loved the Wolf of Wall Street (Leo at his finest) but was very full on! x

    • Definitely full on but a great movie and great acting indeed. I know I am so excited to meet you too! I am sure you will have a line up of bloggers to meet you hahahaha The fabulous yummy mummy Vicky!

  11. The wolf of wall street is on thats been on our list for ages, but we keep forgetting to watch it! I’ll remember to bring my blinkers, hehe. Love that song, I find country music so up lifting. Cannot wait to see you in 4 days time! & i’m sure your trip state side will only serve to increase your popularity & following hun. & hey- you’re already a pro blogger in my eyes. Love ya Jenny XX

    • Ahhh thanks hunny you just made my day!!! Glad someone is #teamletstalkmommy hahahah. Yes, I hope you are right!!! I really love travelling and will be blogging a lot more about travel and decor etc So excited for what’s coming. Can’t wait for my family to meet Missy Moo! It’s liking showing a piece of yourself off to everyone you know. She will wow them I just know it. lol Thanks for the blog love!!!

  12. Hope Blognix went well! As much as I enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street, it was a bit much! and I totally agree, how does anyone live like that?!? shocking!

    • I am with you, how the other side lives scares the day lights out of me for sure. Not my cup of tea. I lived a sheltered life and I really like to keep it that way. hahaha Blognix was great. I learned so much but now need to APPLY all that I have learned. Need more time. lol


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