Missy Moo’s Milestones: 11 months

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:19 pm

11monthsWow! I can’t believe you are 11 months old now. Your 1st birthday is dangling before us and I look back and can’t believe how fast this past year as gone. It has been a pleasure watching you learn and grow over the past months and interact with your brother. You have surpassed so many milestones and accomplishments, I have been totally blown away how amazing you are.

You have always been an easy baby, a calm baby. Everyone kept telling me when you were first born, your temper will kick in, or you will be feisty and get difficult but you haven’t. Month after month, people comment that you wouldn’t stay your happy, smiley, perfect self for long. Now as your 1st birthday is almost upon us, I think we got away with a great year, but will we be so lucky with the toddler years with you? crawling11months

You personality is shining bright.

You are an explorer.

You are a giggler.

Nothing seems to get in your way, when you put your mind to a task. You have that determined little twinkle in your eye. When I tell you “no” you laugh and move onto the next thing.

You are so much fun to be around. MIssyMoo11monthsYou forever watch me walk around the house, doing chores, and various things around you. I called you my shadow, and anytime I catch your eye at a glance you light up and your arms fly in the arm for a snuggle. With a face like this, it’s too hard to resist and numerous times a day I find myself dropping the laundry or leaving the dishes to sneak a good cuddle. Soon you will be a toddler and I can’t guarantee you will want these “mommy moments” as often so I cherish them and take them whenever I can. 11months2thinking11months

I love to catch you in your pensive mode when something curious has caught your eye. You have a pout to die for. It’s in these moments I struggle not to come cover you with kisses or kiss those adorable bare feet all over but restrain and watch to see what you have discovered.

Sometimes you are just in awe of your bare legs which really makes me laugh. With the warm weather you have been ever so curious why your legs have been bare a lot more lately. With you almost walking, I am hoping that your roughed up knees will get a much needed rest.

You are attempting to stand up on your own.

You are attempting to walk.

You are attempting to talk.

My baby you are no more, turning, day by day, into a toddler. Knowing you are my last baby, makes me extremely sad but excited for the future adventures we as a family of four will have!

11 months old

Somewhere you have picked up a sense of humor. I don’t know where or who from, but it is evident it’s there.

You stick your tongue out.

You sit with your legs out slapping the wooden floor in between them, laughing out loud.

You try to eat everything and then spit it out and laugh at yourself when it taste gross.

You play peekaboo with the one hand, hold your favorite new Jellycat Darcy Duck in the other all while sucking your thumb. It’s a talent you have lately perfected and tickles me to pieces. *see above bottom right photo 

I am so excited to see you grow and change as you go through the next stage in your life. May the toddler years be good to us both!

Happy 11 Months Missy Moo! 





* I know I have probably confused you all with her 1st Birthday and Christening party last week but her actual birthday is not until 26th of June! So we did a double party as we will be in America. But she is 11 months now, let’s not age her faster than she is already aging herself! 

14 thoughts on “Missy Moo’s Milestones: 11 months”

  1. A wwww Missy Moo is adorable and you can see she has a lovely temperament from her photos! I will take a look at your post about her birthday now as I’m trying to find inspiration for my 11 month old’s 1st birthday next month! lovely post xxx

  2. Ah, Missy Moo! She just gets cuter and cuter and happier and happier! My sister always says that 8 – 18 months is the best age as they are cute and interactive but haven’t yet discovered that tantrums exist. EJ was almost exactly on cue with his first tantrum! Enjoy these precious months, I know you will X

    • Yes I am, as I know the tantrums will soon show up and I will have two toddlers then and two tantruming and that should make for some interesting blog posts. lol

  3. She is utterly adorable! For what its worth i LOVE age 1 – they start giving so much back and really develop lots of funny quirks and personality traits. S is 16 months now and he amazes me constantly 🙂 x

    • Oh dear that means I will have two toddlers at the same time. Hahaha thanks for hosting and reminding. Try to link up each week and add it to my linky list.


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