Create endless adventures with Wickey’s kids climbing frames at home

Last updated on August 13th, 2022 at 10:42 pm

Want to give your kids the chance to have a complete fantasy world where they can experience endless adventure right at home? I know, I do! Wickey’s kids climbing frames can do just that allowing parents to turn their gardens into an adventure paradise for their kids. What kid doesn’t love their very own climbing frame at home?

Wickey's kid's climbing frames

Why invest in a kid’s climbing frame? 

There is something magical for a kid to be able to get creative and be adventurous whenever they want in their very own home and their very own space. It’s so important that kids have a place to be creative and use their imagination. Sometimes they need things to help stimulate them into it.

It also helps parents with entertaining and stimulating their kids without having to go to the park or leave the house. 

When your kids have friends over you have hours of fun and entertainment already built in the garden for them. No more having them bored or running around the house. 

About Wickey’s kids climbing frames

Wickey’s offers a whole range of colorful and various designs to choose from to suit any garden. So you can still keep to the size and style of your garden but adding in quality, stylish climbing frames to suit your garden. 

They also offer a wide variety of prices to suit your budget so there is something for everyone. It would make an awesome birthday present or Christmas present for your kids. Something they all can share and enjoy together.

From wooden roofs to colorful slides and various obstacle options on Wickey’s kids’ climbing frames, they have a climbing frame for all your kids’ needs. Don’t forget the fantastic accessories that go along with your climbing frame to really bring it to life. The climbing frames have taller heights giving bigger children room to stand up and play in more spacious spaces.

kids climbing frames from wickeys

Safety Guides

Wickey’s offers advice on the type of soil you have so you know which grounding anchors you will need. They are more than happy to guide you to keep your kid’s climbing frame as safe as possible. They also have Wickey’s safety mats you can line the ground with for extra support. Most importantly don’t forget to make sure your ground is as level as possible to secure the climbing frame is flat. Wickey’s also gives a good tip to set your grounding anchors in concrete once you have them where you want them.

As a parent I know how long kids can play on a climbing frame.  I also know it’s not something they ever get sick of playing on either. From little tots to big kids they all can still benefit from the endless adventures and imaginative world that a kid’s climbing frame can provide. Let their imagination run wide in your very own garden! 

Do you have a climbing frame already? Would you buy one for your kids? 


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