Simple rules for healthy eating

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Healthy eating is not only about choosing a diet based on your analyses, genetic characteristics, and existing diseases, but also about a lifestyle. What a person eats affects his appearance, energy level, and well-being. In this article, we will consider the basic rules of proper nutrition that will allow you not only to return to your ideal weight but also to restore your health.

What is the golden rule of eating?

The golden rule is to start the day with one or two glasses of warm water. A key word here is “warm”. The temperature should be around 40-45 degrees. A glass of warm water on an empty stomach starts the process of digestion and activates intestinal peristalsis, which prepares our body in the morning for the next meal.

Also, water is the main component of bile, and bile is the main antiseptic in our body. Daily consumption of warm water on an empty stomach in a volume of 200-400 ml significantly speeds up metabolism due to an increase in body temperature. 40 minutes after eating, your metabolism will be on average 30 percent higher, which speeds up fat burning.

Warm water relaxes the muscles, relieves spasmodic pain, and allows you to get rid of skin problems such as acne, and dry skin. Cleansing and improving blood circulation, the destruction of toxins will have a beneficial effect on your nervous system thanks to a glass of warm water in the morning.

A warm drink an hour before bedtime will soothe you and help normalize sleep. In three weeks, drinking 1 or 2 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach every day will give you a significant improvement.  You will have lightness in your gastrointestinal tract, you will get up easier in the morning, you will see how quickly your skin will begin to clear, and most importantly, it is the easiest and most effective way to improve your health.  

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How to speed up your metabolism?

The second rule arising from the first one is to drink enough water during the day. The daily recommended amount of liquid should be 30 ml of clean water per 1 kg of your weight. If you do not drink your daily norm, sooner or later it will lead to dehydration of the body, deterioration of metabolic processes, slowed metabolism, and obesity. 

How many times should you chew food and why should you chew it thoroughly?

The third rule, which is very necessary but which unfortunately most people do not follow, is to chew your food carefully and to avoid gadgets while eating. Many people mistakenly believe that digestion begins in the stomach. In fact, it does not, the digestion process starts when we think about food and then starts in the mouth when we eat. Our salivary glands already contain a large number of enzymes that start the digestive process, they also have an antibacterial effect, so you should not skip this process.

The more carefully you chew your food, the less work your stomach and intestines will have to do. When you chew carefully, the temperature of the food becomes equal to your body temperature, so your esophagus and stomach will be much more comfortable perceiving food in this way. In most cases, you can eliminate any gastrointestinal discomfort simply by chewing your food thoroughly. You have to chew 30-40 times and your food should turn into a mushy mixture. As a result, you will have a much greater sense of satiety and you will feel the taste of food better.

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Why shouldn’t you drink tea and coffee with food?

The next very simple and easy rule, but extremely necessary, is not to drink drinks with food: tea, coffee, juices, carbonated drinks, and in the process of eating, do not drink more than 100 ml of water. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to incomplete digestion of food in the gastrointestinal tract, which will lead to slow absorption of nutrients in the stomach. It is recommended to drink water 30 minutes before eating and an hour after eating.

Why is it important to eat at the same time?

The next rule is to try to eat at the same time. When you eat around the same time, your portions are distributed evenly throughout the day. You don’t accumulate hunger, so you don’t overeat for dinner. If you distribute your meals properly throughout the day, you won’t have gastrointestinal discomfort. When the body is accustomed to eating at the same time, it begins to reflexively produce gastric juice, which will greatly facilitate the process of digestion. 

The dangers of refined carbs

The next necessary rule is to remove all refining carbohydrates from your diet. These include wheat flour, white rice, all sugars, pasta, and non-whole grain baked goods. Refining carbohydrates does not contain useful fiber, which is necessary for our body, but at the same time, they are fast sugars that provoke the growth of conditionally pathogenic flora. So, they should be excluded from the diet.

Instead, it is important to regularly check the deficiency in the body and take vitamins. It is recommended to order vitamins from reliable brands that have a high credit of trust. Usually, they are actively engaged in marketing on social networks: they buy Instagram followers, set up ads and their reputation is a guarantee of quality.

Why is a salt called white death?

The final rule is to limit salt intake. Many have heard that salt, along with sugar, is called white death, but despite the warnings, people instead of the recommended 5 g of salt consume from 10 to 15 g. Up to 70 percent of the total volume of salt that we get during the day we receive from products from the supermarket. These are sauces, sausages, all processed products, and semi-finished products. So, when we still add salt to food at home, we exceed this volume. Every extra gram of salt increases the likelihood of obesity by 28 percent in children and 26 percent in adults. Salt also increases calcium excretion. 


These simple and basic rules lay the foundation for long-term results in the restoration of health. Start thinking globally about how to change your lifestyle, regularly check your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and you’ll feel how your body responds with gratitude.

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