Fashion: My Dressy & Casual Day Style

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:40 pm

I have always been a little shop-a-holic. Since I can long remember when I got my first allowance and saved up for those ugly plastic hair claws that had butterflies on them to my very first designer handbag as an adult. Shopping for me has always been therapeutic and gets my creative juices flowing when I am putting together outfits then something happened…

I had a baby. I became a mother. There is no reason this action alone should change my style or what I want to wear but for me, it really did. Mostly because my old clothes didn’t fit anymore and then reasons like inappropriate mother wear and stretched out from pregnancy wear didn’t work anymore. My wardrobe has been screaming for a makeover.  It’s taken me some time (3 1/2 years of being a mother) to find styles and trends that look good but are more appropriate for me now. I like to think styles in each of us grows and changes along with us. 

Recently, I have had a new obsession with Pinterest (ok, so it’s always been an obsession) but I have been pinning together outfits I think would look great together or mini wish-lists for my future, evolving wardrobe. I thought I would share with you two outfits I put together lately with colors and styles that I adore to see what you think of my fashion style as a mom for both casual and dressy day looks!Fashion My Style Trends Dressy Day Look Casual Day Look Outfits

1. Bird & Cage Layered Gold Necklace 2. Boden White Chinos 3. White Collared Shirt with Shortsleeve Sweater 4. Grey Essie Polish Combo 5. Casual Hair Look 6. Prada Perfume 7. Light Grey Ankle Boots

Casual day looks are the best because they are cozy and comfortable along with being more practical when you have two toddlers in tow like I do. I love the layered look of this white collared shirt and gorgeous coral merino wool short sleeve sweater. It’s a favorite of mine to layer tops in the cooler months we have been having. I have a thing for birds and clearly my new style loves layers too, so why not layer some gold necklaces like these beauties? I think the gold with the coral would look divine. I opted for light grey nail polish to accent against the coral and match the lovely suede grey ankle boots. I have found a new love for Boden recently and these white chinos are a huge “I need to buy pronto” item for spring/summer coming up. There is no rule anymore that silver and gold don’t mix. I finished this casual day look off with some Prada perfume and a casual half up and half down hairdo. 

Fashion My Style Trends Dressy Day Look Casual Day Look Outfits

1. OPI Nail Polish Combo 2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume 3. River Island Ankle Boots 4. Asos Long Sleeve Dress 5. Hair: Easy Up Do 6. Gold Layered Necklace 7. Boden Cropped Leggings

Dressy Day Looks are a must too, just because I became a mother doesn’t mean I don’t like to get dressed up. I have toned it down a lot since having kids but only because it’s more practical or I spend my money on their fashion styles instead of my own. Both of my toddlers started nursery one day a week so I have one day where I can get a more dressy day outfit on and in between working grab a lunch date with a friend or even a quick coffee. I like to look trendy and enjoy heels and handbag on these days. Here I have paired my favorite colored yellow long sleeve dress with ‘to die for’ River Island ankle boots. See a trend? I am loving ankle boots as my pre-spring look. I love a good up do and this one I will be attempting time and time again. Looks casual but dressy, my kind of hair style. It may be day but I love dark nail polish and this OPI combo is lovely. Finishing off my dressy day look with some more boden cropped leggings, a layered necklace, and some flowery perfume. Makes me want to go to afternoon tea right now in style! 

I love these two looks and many more. I can’t wait until it warms up a little more and I can get shopping for my new look and new trends as a mom for summer too. I best get saving all those pennies!!!

You can check out other styles and trends I am loving at the minute on my “My Fashion Style” board. It’s a great place for inspiration if you are looking for a trend to try out. Why not make your own fashion style board? I would love to see what you put together. 

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5 thoughts on “Fashion: My Dressy & Casual Day Style”

  1. Oh I love that grey nail colour, isn’t it just gorgeous. I have to admit your casual outfit is probably more put together than I am on a daily basis – but then right now I have two, possibly three outfits that actually fit and work for nursing without having to strip! Nails on the other hand, oh I love having pretty toes!

  2. I think I am still finding my mama style, I dressed like a student before having the boys and not only do my old clothes not fit, but I really can’t pull them off anymore! I love the things you have chosen

    • Thanks Bex. I was the same and American style was always so different than the UK so now I have two wardrobes and neither work as a mom now. Lol need to start gathering my new style now.


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