Five Main Reasons to Check Car Tyres Before Embarking A Road Trip

Last updated on July 3rd, 2024 at 11:21 am

If you’re off exploring this summer, no matter whether you are going abroad or staycation by heading to tranquil Buntingford in Hertfordshire or to the bustling North of England, if you’re taking your car, you should check your tyres before you set off on your road trip. Let’s have a look at five reasons why.

Preventative Caution

In all things, an ounce of prevention is agreed to be better than a pound of cure – and in the case of motoring, that is likely to be many pounds (£) of cure! Get into the habit, as soon as you can, of keeping all aspects of your car in good condition from the start, checking it over regularly and performing all the recommended maintenance tasks in a timely schedule. This way, you will quickly notice when your car tyres begin to show signs of age, and you can take steps to replace them before they begin to cause you a host of problems of the type that can really derail your enjoyment in your road trip! Let’s say if you are travelling somewhere in Hertfordshire and are planning on getting new tyres, you can visit Ecotyre Services to get your car tyres in Buntingford.

Any Sense of Damage?

As well as looking for signs of ageing in your tyres, you should also look for signs of damage, caused by rough roads, poor driving or any other cause. As well as looking at your tyres to spot the signs of age or damage, you should also use your other senses – except, perhaps for taste, you don’t have to lick your tyres! Look for unusual dimples or cracks, listen for unusual sounds like whistling, squeaking or roaring noises, and feel the surface of the car tyres if something doesn’t look right. Sometimes it can be hard to tell there’s a problem just by looking, but running your fingers over the questionable area makes it easier to confirm or refute that there is a problem. You can even use your sense of smell, as unhappy, overworked tyres can smell ‘hot’ – almost as though they are burning. A sensitive nose can pick this up, allowing you to examine the problem tyre more carefully.

Tread Carefully

Your tread does not seem to matter too much in the height of summer, when roads are dry and firm, but should you face a sudden downpour – as can happen at any time in the UK! – you will be very glad to have a good layer of tread on your tyres. The treads help the tyres to bite down onto the road, keeping your drive stable and under your control – just as it should be.

Why Inflate?

Modern tyres are designed to always be kept at optimum inflation levels as recommended by the manufacturers. In 2018, this was included in the MOT checklist to make sure that all drivers adhere to this recommendation because it is so vital to the correct operation of the car tyres – if they are not at the right pressure, they will not work as they should.

Keep You – And Others! – Safe

The final reason for checking your car tyres before a road trip is perhaps the most compelling – it will keep you safe, and it will also keep the uncountable others using the UK’s busy road network safe too. If everyone keeps an eye on their tyres before they travel, the incidence of accidents on the roads will be vastly reduced, with an overall effect of improved safety for all. And that’s no bad thing at all

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