Four Essential Tyre Safety Tips!

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When it comes to tyres, Birmingham does not have the worst roads, so you are unlikely to need to worry about the damage caused by rough-edged potholes or slippery gravel surfaces, but everyone should be aware of the following four essential tyre safety tips wherever you are traveling to or from.

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Here are Four Essential Tyre Safety Tips!

Best Tread

Your tread is what keeps your car gripping the road in even the worst weather. Make sure you know the legal limit of tread wear in the UK. It’s (1.6mm). Aim to stay at around 3mm whenever possible – this is the amount of tread that mechanics recommend as being safe.

There are two very easy ways to check your tread depth. First, with a 20p piece slipped vertically into the tread. If the wide band running around the outer boundary of the coin can be seen at all, your tread is too low. Your tyres should be changed promptly. The second way is by examining the tyres. Most have little nubs sunk into the depth of the tread. Once these nubs are exposed to the road surface – flush with the contact area of the tyre – your tyres are beginning to be unsafe, and should be promptly changed.

Under Pressure

Keep your tyres inflated to the recommended pressure for best results. It use to be at your own judgement about how much to under- or over-inflate your tyres. It just depended on the conditions in which you would be driving. Today, tyres are precision engineered and should always be used at the recommended pressure.

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Best Quality

Buy the best quality tyres that you can afford. There is a huge difference between premium tyres and budget ones. If you can raise the funds for the premium tyres, not only will they last longer (easing the financial hit) but they will be much safer during that time. Visit Plume Tyres and get best deals on car tyres in Birmingham. You can easily shop tyres online today!

Look at Them

Visually check your tyres once a fortnight. You are looking for bulges in the sidewall. Also any signs of damage or cracking. There could be punctures or weaknesses that might be waiting to fail at a most inopportune moment! Keeping an eye on your tyres is perhaps the most important tip of all. It takes a mere five minutes or so to do. So don’t keep putting it off.

Remember safety first!


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