Ladies essential beauty regime for summer

Last updated on September 24th, 2020 at 01:26 pm

Ladies shaving beauty regime for summer Wilkinson Razor

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Summer is coming and the temperatures are warming up ladies. Are you summer ready? Are your legs summer ready? Do you have your fake tan on to start the summer so you don’t blind everyone and your Quattro for Woman Bikini Razor out so your legs are as smooth as possible for the beach?

There are a few things you can do as an essential part of your beauty regime to make sure you are ready for those BBQs, days out, never ending festivals, and your summer holidays abroad. Everyone wants to look their best in summer, don’t they? I know, I do.

Quattro for Woman Bikini Razor Ladies essential beauty regime for summer Wilkinson Razor


As part of my beauty regime for summer, I make sure to always have a good sun cream under my makeup. Most days in the summer, I just use a tinted sun cream for my face especially when we are abroad. It protects my skin and gives off a good glow too.

Summer is bikini season, I know I want to be as bikini ready as possible. Using my Quattro for Woman Bikini Razor means I am bikini ready every time. It leaves my legs soft and smooth. It’s the only high performance 4 blade female razor to feature a trimmer designed for your bikini area. With essential extracts, your skin will feel so soft that you can skip a day or two. That’s music to every woman out there. Shopmium even have this beauty essential on offer so do pop over and see for yourself.

Wilkinson Razor

Quattro for Woman Bikini Razor beauty regime for summer Wilkinson Razor

Ladies essential beauty regime for summer Wilkinson Razor

If you are looking for highlights go for some lemon juice in a spray bottle for the hair like the good old days, some cucumbers on the eyes if you are feeling puffy from the night before.

With my body smooth and my skin protected, I always make sure I wash my face before bed. After all the sun cream, possibly chlorine from the pool, sweating in the sun, it’s good to give my skin a cleanse before I catch some zzzz’s. I can’t stress enough that I have learned over the years to moisturize. It’s so important!!!!

Don’t forget the obvious regime of brushing those teeth,  using after sun lotion if needed, drinking lots of water (yes this is for your beauty as much as it is for your health) and enjoy being bronze and feeling beautiful during the year’s most popular season.

Do you have a summer beauty regime? Have you tried the Quattro for Woman Bikini Razor yet? Before your next bikini appearance by the pool, grab the offer above and try it!


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