Why Your Small business Needs IT Support

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:06 am

If you are in charge of a business, you have a business plan to guide you into where you want things to be for now, in the next five years and in the future. You have to consider what you want from your business as a result, and that means planning everything from the marketing strategy to the IT strategy. Your business needs support and whether you are planning on hiring external cleaners or you are thinking about outsourcing your IT to another company, outsourced support comes in many different forms.

As a smaller business, you might be concerned about what it’ll mean to your business to hire IT support. You’d be considering this from both a financial and a support standpoint and if you want your business to run well, then you really do need to consider the cost of hiring in-house vs outsourcing. You will find that outsourcing your IT support is going to cost you less and be more of an investment at the same time. For example, hiring an external company to help you with your IT support means that you will be effectively looking after your business 24/7, but that you only pay for the service that you get. When you hire in-house, you have to think about the salary, pension and benefits you have to pay to someone who will be there on a longer term basis. Perhaps you don’t need someone long-term, however, and that’s where outsourced professionals can come in to help. 

Are you still on the fence about outsourced support? Let’s give you the top ten reasons you should stop being on the fence and say yes.

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Access to experts.

When you choose to outsource, you are able to get a hold of experts that have all of the knowledge your business needs. You might not be able to hire the exact expert you need locally, so when you outsource you have the chance to go above and beyond your local area and find the IT professionals that your business can truly benefit from. In-house IT managers have huge duties but perhaps you need someone who can go above and beyond the scope of the business itself. You also need someone who can provide you the expertise they need without any of the distractions and often, an outsourced remote worker is exactly what your business needs.

You save money.

Outsource experts aren’t as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can outsource your IT support and only pay for the support you need in the first place, which takes a huge chunk of the pressure off of you and puts it onto the business experts themselves. What if you only need someone part time? What if you only require emergency IT support? These are valid questions to ask and if you’re stuck paying someone a full-time wage, you might be paying way above what you need to be paying. Consider hiring someone part time on an outsourced basis and you’ll see a huge difference in what you end up paying for.

Consider the technology.

Often, outsourced experts can help because they have access to software and business IT technology that your in-house managers may not. If your business cannot afford the latest and greatest in technology, that’s okay! That’s one of the perks of hiring outsourced experts instead because you can reap the benefits that come with the latest technologies and truly be able to give your business what it needs. You need experts who can help you to adapt and overcome, and you might need to pay out differently for that.

Supporting your in-house team.

Okay, so you do have the budget for an in-house IT team, but they need more support, right? Well, when you choose to outsource for additional support, you can pay as you go during the busier times and then use their help on an ad-hoc basis. This way, you’re saving money, adapting to assist during emergency situations and you can continue working on what you need to work on for your projects. The support that you can give your in-house team will be massively different and it’s worth it!

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Your team can continue to help you to grow.

Your business is going to be far more fruitful when you are growing it correctly but if you don’t have the right support when you need it, you’re going to struggle. If your team is working on their core responsibilities, then you need that additional IT support to swoop in and add an extra layer of IT protection on that. Giving your business the space it needs to grow is easier when you give your staff the space to devote themselves to their own roles.

You could discover entirely new services.

You have an IT person in the house, but what is it that you need outside of them? What if you need AWS help or hosting support? What if the cybersecurity help that you need is specialist and you need someone to come in and deal with that on top of the layers of security you already have? If you have the right support, you can discover that outsourced IT services could solve the problems you have above and beyond what your internal team can do. 

Your costs come down.

IT support when it’s actioned remotely is so much cheaper and not just from the point we made earlier about money saving. It’s cheaper because someone is working for you remotely. This is going to save you money on your office space, furniture and your accessories for work. This is now one less desk that you have to pay for, set up and fund tech for because your IT support already has that set up going.

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There are bonus perks to enjoy.

As a business owner, you need to consider the additional perks that you can enjoy as an outsourced provider. Outsourced IT can give you the additional perk of doing everything that it takes to meet your business needs. Instead of choosing someone who offers you a bandaid solution, you can assign the work to someone who can offer comprehensive support.

You get to pass the buck.

Well, not really, but if you’re paying for an expert you expect to get the right expertise – it should be a given. You want your IT support to comply with the right standards and when they do, you can effectively pass over the responsibilities to them when there are compliance or legal issues. While you don’t want to run into any legal issues at all, you can still ensure that your business is getting the right support.

You’ll reap the rewards.

If there is one huge positive to using IT support outsourced from your business, it’s the fact that you will see the solid impact on your bottom line and enjoy it! You’ll watch your profits rise and it’s one of the most attractive benefits of outsourcing your IT support. You save money, you save space and you can continue to support working from home if that’s something you’re interested in. When it comes to it, you need your business to be as supported as possible and whether you hire an outsourced team long-term or you do it on a shorter-term basis, you can ensure that your business benefits as a result.

Outsourced IT support can be a gamechanger if you allow your business to run with it!

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