The Biggest Changes You Can Make to your home exterior

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:19 pm

If you’re trying to up the visual flair of your home, then it’s easy for the focus to be stuck on the interior, from your walls to your floors and furniture, but that’s not where the first impression is made of the home. Here, we’re going to take a look at how you can make some big differences to the exterior of the home, as well.

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Your garden

There’s nothing that can let down the initial impact of seeing your home like a garden that just hasn’t been kept up to scratch. Make sure to stay on top of your routine garden maintenance. If you’re likely to stay on top of lawn and greenery maintenance, perhaps it might be better to replace them entirely, be it with a patio, artificial grass, or otherwise.

Front door

The door is the focal point of the home, once you get past the garden. You can upgrade and improve an existing door with a lick of paint, or surround it with planters to give it a more natural, welcoming feeling. However, at some point, a replacement is going to be the much more effective solution, and stores like Just Value Doors make it a lot easier to choose the door that’s right for you. Of course, this has hugely practical applications, too, such as improving the security and heat efficiency of the home.

Your walls

If you want to change the entire appearance of your exterior, then you might need to reckon with the walls. You can always choose to paint over the existing finish, but if you really want to change both the look and texture of them entirely, then cladding might be the solution. Providers like Cladco Decking can help you apply cladding that makes it look like your home has a whole new exterior. It also adds a little insulation, too, depending on the type you choose.

The lighting

A little ambiance goes a long way. Installing exterior lights in the home, whether they’re on the walls, in an overhang, or in the garden can make a lovely difference. It can create a warm, welcoming sight at night, and can also improve visibility around the home, which can make it a safer place to be and offer some real security, too..

Possible add-ons

Your home can gain a much more impressive silhouette if you’re willing to change the entire shape of it. Adding a conservatory to your home can offer plenty of practical benefits, such as creating a relaxing new space, and adding a few square feet onto your property. Of course, it can totally change how the home looks from the exterior as well. Just make sure that you have a real use for that space before you make such a big investment into it.

The first impression your home makes can have a lot of impact, creating the kind of welcoming and impressive space that visitors and guests will want to take the time to fully explore. Keep the tips above in mind if that’s what you want to achieve.

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