How Senior Living Communities Can Help Reduce Depression

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:37 pm

Older people are more susceptible to depression for a variety of reasons. In many cases, they have lost friends and loved ones over the years. They may be worried about a chronic illness, or they may not have a busy schedule, leaving their days open. All these reasons combined can lead to isolation and a sense of sadness, despair, and hopelessness, which are all symptoms of depression. One way to deal with this issue is to consider a senior living community. Here is how doing so can help with a loved one’s depression.

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Being Surrounded by Peers

Senior living communities provide companionship by allowing loved ones to live among their peers. They know they have friends and neighbors nearby, and they can talk to them and feel understood. Residents look out for each other, have the same interests, and socialize with those around them to create a strong sense of community. This helps loved ones avoid isolation and loneliness.

It Makes Things More Accessible

When living alone, a loved one might not be able to get around for various reasons. They may no longer be able to drive, not find accessible places to visit, or have difficulty with daily activities like showering, dressing, or cooking healthy meals. These limitations are crippling and can make things much worse for them.

Senior living facilities are made with seniors in mind. Everything is easier to access and manage, and they can always get help when they need it using emergency buttons. Stairs are no longer an issue because the facility may only have single-floor apartments and elevators if there are multiple floors.

Some also provide shuttle and transportation services so your loved one no longer has to struggle to get to where they want to go or experience new locations.

They Have Someone to Watch Over Them

If your loved one lives alone, you may visit them occasionally to see how they are doing and take care of a few things for them. However, most people have busy lives so these visits might not always be viable. When the frequency of visits decreases, your loved one will start feeling isolated and may be worried about things like shopping or being safe at home.

Senior living facilities have staff, including nursing staff, caretakers, wait staff, and others, who are always around to check on your loved one. They will notice if they need assistance or if something changes in or with them. Timely interventions when this happens are crucial for ensuring things do not get worse.

Different Activities to Choose From

Senior living facilities also plan various activities for their residents. These help them stay physically fit, encourage interactions, and help keep residents busy. They may also have excursions to the city or different locations appropriate for their residents, so they do not have to spend all their time at the facility.

Depression is a serious concern among seniors, and family members should do everything they can to keep it at bay. One way is encouraging their loved one to move to a senior living facility, where they will have a community around them and receive any help they need when they need it.

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