Pit & Peak of the Week #10

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm

It’s Sunday night, I am cozy in my pyjamas. There is nothing better than my pyjamas, if only I wouldn’t get ‘that look’ from the mailman when he brings me packages at 2 pm and I am still not dressed. (head down in shame, I know). I have my frothy cappuccino warming my hands and my laptop is fired up. After another long week, I reflect back on all we did.

{- music class – playdate with a friend – spanish lessons – soft play afternoon -a swimming lesson – another playdate with a different friend – another swimming lesson- a brief walk to the end of the drive, realizing it’s way too windy and cold for a 7 month old and a 2 year old and back in the house we went. }

Pit: This brings me to my all time Pit this week, the weather. I have been in the UK for 7 years now, and I know it’s always gloomy and rainy but lately the weather seriously is challenging me. Cabin fever has long set in for all of us, cooped up in our house with the heat blasting. Our clogged heads are desperate for the down pours to stop, and the wind to not bite so hard, so we can go out and play. Buba is extremely affected by this, he needs to get out to run off that steam all 2 year olds seem to have so much of. Days get filled with more tantrums and frustations because he is bored of the same four walls. There are only so many soft play areas, playdates, and indoor places to go without costing a bomb to entertain your kids, especially at this age. Since moving to the UK I haven’t been much of an outdoor person for obvious reasons but one of my new year’s resolution was to fall in love with nature again. (mother nature you are not making it easy). I have also taken up photography, and have learned a few things I want to put into practice outside with the kids, no chance that happening anytime soon. I say this, as the hail pounds my front living room window. Ugh, please go away! We can’t do any of this if the weather continues to be so shocking.

Peak: It’s definitely not hard to share my Peak this week, my spa getaway. With the shocking weather, and cabin fever, it was an amazing surprise to be swooped off to a spa day and night with my two closest friends, S & C, for a belated 30th birthday present. The Spa at Stanley House is truly stunning. We spent the afternoon in the thermal baths, and sipping Prosecco. The facial was not only refreshing but left my face sparkling and a tan look to it. To say I was glowing after wouldn’t suffice, my skin felt flawless. I have had many facials in the past where my face felt slimy, itchy, or left red raw. My facial started out with a mini foot scrub and ended with a hand massage, now that’s added bonuses right there! We finished off the evening with a three course meal in the restaurant. We were starving and the food was superb followed by more Prosecco, after all it was in celebration for my 30th birthday.

I was a little apprehensive at first, as I have never left Missy Moo over night. My kids would be waking up without Mommy there, for the first time. I eventually got over it as I laid my relaxed, pampered body down on my enormous fluffy, goose feathered pillows in my hotel room, over looking a duck pond, knowing I do not have to wake up early. True bliss. If that wasn’t enough I was given a yummy breakfast where the lovely S, taught me how to properly do “boiled eggs and soldiers”. Then off to the city for a mini shopping spree and ended our girlie pow-wow with a Starbucks, the way to my heart. I could not be more grateful to my two friends for spoiling me. Best birthday present!


Have you done anything special this week? Is the weather getting you down or messing up your plans? I would love to hear from you, comment below. What’s your Pit & Peak of the Week???

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Pit Peak of the Week

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  1. The weather gets me down too. I wasn’t made for Winter my whole body seems to go into destruction mode, dry skin, dry hair, aching bones, I could go on. Hopefully we will get some better weather soon 🙂

    • Fingers crossed tightly!!! Same here, my hair, skin, lips, bones, all age to 70 when the temperatures drop. Roll on summer please…. 😉 Then I can get back outside, running, taking pictures and most importantly playing with my children at the park!!! lol


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