Living Arrows 4/52 ~ Magic Moments

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm


My beautiful blue eyed babies,

May you love each other dearly,

Hold each other closely,

Teach each other immensely,

And always stay friends.

living arrows

24 thoughts on “Living Arrows 4/52 ~ Magic Moments”

    • Thank you so much. Yes if the light catches either of their eyes they are piercing blue. Oh he is such a great big brother. Loves and protects her so much.

    • Thank you so much. Their eyes get more blue everyday. When the light hits them just right, I could stare forever. Beauty. Not to toot my own horn because it’s their horn. lol 😉

    • Thank you! I was so worried how he would be when I gave birth. Would he be jealous? Would he be rough with her? I am so lucky as he wants to do is hug, kiss and love her.

    • It’s one of my favorites. He loves to be the protective big brother and hold her and be right next to her. I think she sometimes what’s to scream “get out of my face” hahaha It’s funny.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. It is one of my favorites too. I just hope they stay as close as this forever. Sibling bond can be so rewarding. I would be heart broken if they grew up and didn’t get along. Love living arrows. Off to link up again for this week’s childhood memories.


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