Missy Moo’s Milestones: 7 months old

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm


My little angel, you are 7 months old now, I don’t know where the time has gone. I have blinked but twice since you were born and here you are trying to crawl and sit up already. 

When I was told life would go even faster when I had kids, I never took it so literal, until now. I panic every time another milestone passes us by. I beg each time for them to slow down, so I can enjoy it longer because I know it will soon be over. Their baby days are fast approaching the end, and I am nowhere near prepared for that.

Missy Moo continues to amazes us everyday with her new abilities. I know she is not flying through these stages faster than anyone else’s baby but it sure does feel like it. I call it the second child syndrome, where with the first child, parents are counting each day until something new happens, and the second child comes along and we think, when did that happen?

She has mastered the sippy cup now, which took her brother twice as long to cope with. I know we shouldn’t compare children as they are all different.  It’s hard not to compare with only the knowledge of when your first child did it, so it’s a surprise when the second does it faster. Maybe this is because she can watch her brother and learn by example.

People kept telling me that girls are really fussy eaters and hard to wean when I first found out I was having a girl, so I wasn’t looking forward to it. Luckily, she is doing really good with weaning. She has handled chewing solids very well. This baby can consume a few rice cakes in seconds with no trouble at all. I have always been a little nervous about choking when moving from puree to solids, but it has been smooth thus far.

Buba is starting to get jealous now, he didn’t really notice her when she first came home from the hospital. It’s only recently, now that she is eating and moving about, that he thinks, “wait a minute, that’s mine, that’s mine and so is that!” He doesn’t quite understand if Missy Moo finishes her dinner, she can have a yogurt but since he didn’t finish his, he can’t have a yogurt just because she does.

So the competition has begun!

Happy 7 Months Missy Moo! We love you!




13 thoughts on “Missy Moo’s Milestones: 7 months old”

    • Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by. Yes, she never stops with that big smile of hers. Melts your heart. She is so much fun. Can’t beat a very happy baby. My son was more a moody baby so it’s a nice change.

  1. What a lovely smile! “I call it the second child syndrome, where with the first child, parents are counting each day until something new happens, and the second child comes along and we think, when did that happen?” made laugh- I know that so well.

    • Glad I am not the only one. 😉 Thanks for commenting and stopping by. Isn’t it funny how different we are when we have more than one child? I love it.

    • Thank you so much. I am the same, it’s hard when they get to the next stage. I hated my son’s first few haircuts because it made him look way too grown up. lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting. xo

    • Oh what a great age 18 months. One of my favorites. Its hard when it’s your youngest because you think that’s it from the baby stages. Unless of course you have more babies. hahaha

  2. Aww so adorable! My little one still is having trouble with a sippy cup and she’s nearly 10 months. I think she thinks it’s a shower not a drink!

    • Oh bless her, my son was closer to 1 years old and even then used it as a shower!!! lol Thanks for the comments and popping over. Hope to see you here again soon.

  3. Oh my days your little one is such a peach! And they do grow up fast, don’t they! She’s going to be celebrating her first birthday before you know it!

    Fab post hun and thanks so much for linking up to the Mad Mid-Week Blog hop! xx


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