Gourmesso Coffee Capsules Review

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

IMG_5785rsAfter running a coffee shop for two years and being the obsessed coffee drinker that I am, I was ever so excited to team up with Gourmesso. I have tried numerous capsules including Nespresso’s own brand with my new Nespresso machine. I have been hooked on the machine ever since. The Gourmesso capsules are fully compatible with the Nespresso machines which is an absolute bonus.

IMG_5801rsThe first thing I notice was the amazing smell that filled my nostrils when I opened the first packet to try out my first Gourmesso cup of coffee! I have never been able to smell the coffee in any other coffee capsules without pressing my nose to the top of it. It was like smelling freshly ground coffee right then and there, which really impressed me. I love the smell as much as the taste.


I tried the brasile blend dolce first as it was a milder blend at number 3. Gourmesso have brilliantly put a number in the top right hand corner according to intensity from 1 to 10. It makes it easy to quickly scan which capsule you are in the mood for. This blend was full of flavor and smooth but not too strong. It tasted like freshly ground coffee which I have never tasted from a capsule before. The smell was just as enticing! It left me with a gentle after taste which I loved. So you can enjoy it long after your cup is empty.

The next capsule I tested was the soffio vaniglia at number 5. A perfect medium blend with a fine vanilla aroma blended with asian beans. It quickly became my favorite. I love flavored coffee as much as plain coffee. I was impressed that the vanilla didn’t take away from the actual coffee flavor but was still noticeable. Some flavored capsules can be very overpowering and you can’t always taste the coffee.


I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of Gourmesso capsules ranging from 3-10 intensity along side their decaf range and vanilla flavored capsules. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them already.

The Gourmesso capsules quickly won my heart and loyalty. I think they have a lot more flavor and freshness than other capsules on the market. They are smoother and stronger in taste as well. What impressed me most was the aroma emanating from the capsules, it screams freshness! Who doesn’t want that?

A lot of other companies say their capsules can be used in Nespresso machines but I find they jam or are not actually compatible, Gourmesso are 100% compatible.

I also had the opportunity to test it out on three guests I had over for lunch. First they had to taste of a different company’s vanilla capsule and then tasted Gourmesso vanilla capsule. All three voted in favor of the Gourmesso Soffio Vaniglia capsule. Here is what they said.

“The Gourmesso coffee isn’t over powdered by vanilla like the other one.” guest one.
“Gourmesso tastes more fresh and fuller than the other company.” guest two.
“Gourmesso has more taste to it, more flavor, the coffee tastes stronger.” guest three.

As you can see, I am not the only converted one here. Gourmesso have been available in the UK for quite sometime now, but recently have just launched in America!!! My homeland! I am excited to share this with not just my UK readers but with my USA readers as well. Now we all can get our Gourmesso on!


I highly recommend trying Gourmesso capsules for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

* I received this product for the purpose of this review but the opinions, and pictures are my own.

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20 thoughts on “Gourmesso Coffee Capsules Review”

    • Haha It took me years to beg for my coffee machine, giving birth twice finally did the trick!!! I haven’t looked back and save a fortune not going to starbucks now. love it.

    • Ya, it took me weeks and even months to finally pick one but I went with the Nespresso because they had more capsule companies compatible with them. You could always sell it on ebay and grab yourself one! lol Thanks for stopping by my lovely. 😉

  1. I hate coffee . . . but I do LOVE the smell of it. I think it’s probably a bit frivolous to buy a coffee machine just to make my house smell nice though? 😉
    Thanks for linking up this week #TriedTested

    • Haha With these you could put them in a pretty bowl and make the house smell of them. lol kidding. Thanks hun for sharing my post on twitter!!!

  2. My husband would love this (I can’t drink coffee sadly), but I’ve always been put off by the price of the pods though. Great review and I can smell it from here!

    • Thank you so much Iona. I really, really was impressed with them. Just trying to spread the word to all those coffee drinkers out there. They are amazing.

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I have been using a Nespresso for about a year now. I have so far only used Nespresso pods but after reading your review and looking at the Gourmesso web site I noticed they do have Hazelnut (my favourite flavored coffee) and Chocolate as well as other traditional espresso selections. So, I have ordered some. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  4. I have been a fan and have owned a Nespresso maker for about 10 years. Like many others I have been put off by the rising capsule prices, and sought an alternative source. I tried the Gouressmo capsules, which indeed are compatible but I do note a loss of the smoother and creamier texture of the Nespresso capsules, which has to be a design difference. I prefer stronger coffee and the Gouressmo flavor and intensity are no where close to the Nespresso capsules. In fact I find myself using 2 capsules instead of one, but the flavor does not come close and it ends up costing more not less than the Nespresso. I also tried at least 6 different Gueressmo flavors and found them all lacking. So, I am still looking for that perfect substitute….

  5. I am way late to this game, but we invested in a Nespresso and immediately looked for alternative pods, finding Gourmesso. I couldn’t agree more with you that they are a perfect fit and the flavors are fabulous. (It’s always heartwarming to find like-minded opinions on something we’re fond of.)

  6. Thanks so much for this post! J and I have been looking for a comparable substitute to nespresso. We tried some pods we’ve found at Waitrose and some other ones we found at Costco, but nothing has worked so far. I’ll definitely be pinning the link so I remember it for later. Ty ☺️

  7. I love Gourmesso, take it over Nespresso any time, yes, the aroma that comes out when you open their bag I never had with Nespresso.


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