Hiring a Private Chef

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I always thought how amazing it would be to have friends over for dinner and not have to do the cooking and cleaning. Not that I don’t love the cooking part but sometimes you just want to be with your guests enjoying the good food and wine and not in the kitchen alone making sure it all comes together. I have always thought hiring a private chef was way out of my league. It’s not for anyone. We teamed up with La Belle Assiette to showcase just how lovely an evening in with friends is by hiring a private chef. 

I was first in contact with the Chef that was assigned to me for the evening, a few weeks prior to the evening to discuss menu and dietary requirements. I had numerous menu styles and types to choose from before we settled on one for my dinner party. She was quick to respond to my needs as I am pregnant and few items on the menu we picked, I couldn’t eat, so she made me alternatives than the rest of the guests. 

We were excited to have a holiday evening meal with close friends and not have to lift a finger. It’s the holidays, why not feel spoiled. 

The week before the meal, all my guests received a signature invitation with the full menu included for their review before they rsvp. It was a lovely touch.

On the evening she arrived two hours before dinner time to prepare, get used to the kitchen and set up. She had all the dishes with her for each course so I didn’t have to worry about the clean up afterwards either. My guests were excited to taste the menu ahead. 

We chose a five course TASTING menu so that we could have a little bit of everything. It was hard to pin point which menu I wanted at first as there was so much choice but right from the first plate I knew we chose well. 

Our chef for the evening was called Samantha Gambale and she knew her food. She came in professional and got set to work. 



Salmon tartare with Soy and Sesame oil served with dressed Greens and Crostini


Candied King Prawns with a Wasabi Crumble and Charred Sweetcorn Puree


Smoked Duck and Port Parfait paired with Caramelized Tomato Chutney and Melba Toast


Coffee Seared Beef Fillet Medallions with a Butternut Puree, Roast Unicorn Carrots and Thyme Marinated Beetroot Cubes Served with a Port and Berry Jus


Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta with Macerated Berries, Lemon Cheesecake and Dragonfruit Buttercream with Gold dust


While we started with our first few starters, the conversation flowed and hubby was the perfect barman for our guests while I drooled and photographed all the beautiful food coming out of my kitchen. Pure masterpieces in the food styling department. 

Each starter tasted just as good as the last one. I was given a cooked salmon version but it was still delicious. All my guests were cooing over the food as much as this foodie was so I knew it was a hit so far. 

We asked for some time between all the starters and the main course. It gave us time for socializing and catching up with friends. Our chef cleared away the starter plates and got to cleaning up the first few courses and preparing our main meal to follow. I liked not being rushed as you would normally be in a restaurant with so many courses. It was nice to have a little intermission. 

It was time for the main event, the main meal. I do love a good slice of beef. I am a meat girl at heart. This Coffee Seared Beef Fillet Medallions with a Butternut Puree, sounds like a mouth full and tastes like a mouth full. It was juicy and full flavor and cooked perfectly. The flavor combinations from the Roast Unicorn Carrots and Thyme Marinated Beetroot Cubes Served with a Port and Berry Jus was superb. 

Nothing says dinner like a great main dish and a little something sweet afterwards to satisfy the appetite. 

It was a real treat having some of my closest friends and partners over for a delicious meal at home. I do love a good dinner party at home. Even if I am hosting or not they are always my favorite evenings with friends. I never thought about having a private chef over for it and now I can’t wait to plan my next private chef dinner party. It was one to remember. 

With a 3 am finish, Samantha had cleaned and packed up long before us, we all laughed long into the night together. 

Have you ever had a private chef in your home? Would you consider it? 


2 thoughts on “Hiring a Private Chef”

  1. Oh my gosh this looks like the dream. The food looks amazing and your friends all look so lovely – what a nice evening you had. I think I need something like this to christen our extension! x

    • Oh yes it would be amazing in your new extension and it’s so nice to just be with friends and not be in the kitchen as ours isn’t attached to the kitchen I am always in there alone while everyone is at the table catching up and then clean up it’s great not to have one.


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